Mouse wheel problem

  Ralphie85 10:12 22 Aug 2006

Hi, my mouse is a corded Labtec Laser which works fine in all circumstances except games.

I had my old mouse bound so that depressing the mouse wheel would bring up a backup weapon, but now all it does it send my view flying sideways and down. I can't scroll through the weapons using the wheel, because it moves once and stops. It will go back the other way one space as well and then stop.

And the mouse also has back and forward buttons for browser use which I thought might come in handy for some other odds and ends, but that has the same effect as the mouse wheel. I end up facing the opposite direction, staring at where my feet should be.

This happens in several different games, is there a fix for it?

  Ralphie85 17:25 22 Aug 2006


  skell 17:42 22 Aug 2006

check the mouse settings in windows are as they should be, install the corect drivers for the mouse if you havent done already and also make sure you assigning the mouse keys correctly in the game. im sure you have done all that but mistakes can happen. otherwise, like you, i have had issues with certain makes mouse myself and sometimes its just a case of them not being able work with certain games. but fisrt off make sure you have the correct drivers for the mouse.

  Diversion 18:38 22 Aug 2006

If it is a programmable mouse, like for instance my mouse is a gaming mouse that has seven programmable buttons on it as well as the wheel. As Skell says you have configure each button to tell it what to do. And mine came with a green adapter so as to plug it into the mouse socket, but I found that all my buttons did not work so I had to discard the green converter and plug the mouse into a USB socket and it works fine now.

  Ralphie85 22:09 22 Aug 2006

Mine has a PS/2 adapter as well, I'll try it without. Thanks very much for the help guys, I appreciate it!

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