Mouse Virus

  STUART-237113 13:14 06 May 2003

Hi all,
Help please.
I have lost control of my mouse " It does not respond " I have been told that I have probably picked up a Virus.
My computer has no Anti Virus Software on it.
Can I recify the problem by intalling Norton Anti Virus 2003
Will that work or can someone offer some assistance.
Best Regards.

  Confab 13:18 06 May 2003

I'll leave others to tell you about the dangers of having no AV - You are really asking for trouble.

Have you checked that the mouse is plugged in or if its cordless that the batteries are OK.


  Paranoid Android 13:26 06 May 2003

Ask a friend with a PC to create an up to date anti-virus boot rescue floppy or CD for you. This should take care of the virus.

Or if you can connect to the internet you can use an online virus scanner such as Tend Housecall click here

There are a number of free specialist virus removal tools available from Symantec click here

Then get youself protected. AVG antivirus is free click here so no excuses.


  STUART-237113 13:30 06 May 2003

Yeh, Checked that its all plugged in and all that and that seems OK.
I opened up a message and it all went wrong.
All sorts of Icons and pages flashed up on screen.
I have now bought Norton AV but have not yet installed it.
Will that sort it out do you think ?

  Paranoid Android 13:30 06 May 2003

Oh my typing is terrible - I must have a virus ;]


  Confab 13:34 06 May 2003

Depends what virus (if any) you have. Why not install it and see.

One thing I would say is that its a lot easier stopping a virus than it is trying to cler up an infected pc.


  Paranoid Android 13:36 06 May 2003

Norton AV will fix most things but the virus may compromise the installation. Norton recommend against installing the product to fix a virus. My recommendation would be to fix the virus first using one of the methods above, then install Norton AV when your system is 'clean'.

Then run Liveupdate to get the latest virus definition files and repeat at least every week.


  STUART-237113 13:38 06 May 2003

Cheers Amber & Marvin,

I will try it out and let you know the outcome.


  Diemmess 15:16 06 May 2003

Isn't it possible that the mouse is not well, deceased, passed over, dead?

Agree entirely about the need for AV and until you have that one settled you can't be sure.

If you find a borrowed mouse works, then that is not only proof the old rodent is dead, but will save a lot of worry.

There is no way any virus will damage any mouse, though it can wreak havoc with its driver and many other bits of your computer

  STUART-237113 15:30 06 May 2003

Yeh I tried the "Alive Mouse"
I have a mate of his locked up in the shed so I gave him his chance of freedom.
Alas it was the same so hes gone back to the shed.
I think that the problem is that the virus attacked the driver.
Will keep you all informed.


  STUART-237113 13:08 07 May 2003

Hi all,
Went home last night and after some Jiggerdy Pokery managed to get on to the net. Downloaded PC-Cillin and that did find a virus. Dont ask me what is was cos I just deleted it without making
a note. Re connected mousey and it looks like I am OK.
Will install Norton AV 2003 as a must as soon a
I get it.
Thanks for everyone help.

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