mouse unplugged and now it will not work..

  podgey 13:47 28 Sep 2005

I have a compaq pc, the mouse and keyboard were unplugged from the pc and when i plugged the mouse back in it will not work, i have tried different ones and none work, i have also tried re-starting the pc etc but no joy, any suggestions??

  MAJ 13:52 28 Sep 2005

Are you putting it into the correct socket, podgey?

  €dstowe 13:57 28 Sep 2005

Did you do this with the computer switched on?

If yes, then you have most likely blown the motherboard fuse which is on the mouse connector. This is not repairable. The way to get over this is possibly to use a USB mouse.

As a general point you should NEVER hot connect (with the machine switched on) any peripherals unless they are specifically designed for this e.g. USB.

  podgey 14:00 28 Sep 2005

thanks for response, no the pc was switched off when the mouse was unplugged..

  €dstowe 14:08 28 Sep 2005

OK, then you may have dislodged the (rather delicate) pins of the mouse connector to the motherboard. This can be fixed (I've had it done) but it is a fiddly job and best done by someone with a good eye and a fine soldering iron.

  scotty 14:29 28 Sep 2005

To elaborate on MAJ's comment, could you have swapped the keyboard and mouse connections around?

  podgey 15:02 28 Sep 2005

i tried swopping them around but they still dont work

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