Mouse survey...not urgent!

  Fateful Shadow 11:50 30 Jun 2005

Would it be possible if you could answer these few questions about the mouse you use...yes, it's for my product study work again!

1/ What type of mouse is it (wired or wireless)

2/ Does it function well (e.g. does it perform daily tasks well?)

3/ Is it 'formed' to help you use it (e.g. does your hand fit onto it easily?)

4/ Is it suitable for left and right handers?

5/ Have you ever experienced any problems from using it (e.g. RSI or clicking the wrong buttons because of the amount of buttons?!)

If you could attach a link of a picture of the mouse that would be really helpful!

I understand that you'll probably be busy helping other people with genuine problems and I don't want this to take priority, but if you could spare a few minutes to answer it, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks again :)

  [email protected] 12:03 30 Jun 2005

1) Wireless

2) Functions great

3) Yes - shaped for hand

4) No - Right handers only

5) No problems what soever

It's a logitech MX1000 which and be found click here. Sorry I can't post a direct link as I'm in an internet cafe with very limited access and not at my own PC.


  dagwoood 12:05 30 Jun 2005

1) Wired optical.

2) Performs well, easy to use.

3) Ergonomic, has a thumb rest.

4) Not suitable for left handed users.

5) No problems.

Picture click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  Graham ® 12:10 30 Jun 2005






Intellimouse Explorer click here

  Kate B 12:18 30 Jun 2005

1) I use two mice, both attached by USB: one is a single-button Apple mouse, suitable for most Windows tasks. The other is The Mouse, by MacMice, an Apple lookalike two-button/scrollwheel mouse for when I need those functions. Both wired optical.

2)yup, for both.

3)The flat, wide shape suits my hand much better than most mice - my hand tends to claw uncomfortably around any other mouse with a pronounced hump.

4)yup for both (though I'm right-handed).

5)Not with these. Lots of problems (see above) with regular big Windows mice.

Picture of the Apple lookalike here click here
And of the Apple mouse here
click here

  wee eddie 12:19 30 Jun 2005

1. Wired

2. Better than my IBM Ball Mouse

3. It's how you grip it, not the shape that really matters.

4. Yes

5. See 3.

  Indigo 1 12:22 30 Jun 2005

1) Wired optical

2) Functions well apart from occasioal cat hairs entering the lens and causing the cursor to 'drift'.

3) Ergonomic and comfortable

4) LH or RH

5) No problems for me

Pic here <a href="click here" target="_blank"><img src="click here" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at click here" /></a>

  Taff36 12:24 30 Jun 2005

click here (Similar because they don`t make my model anymore - this one replaced it)

Wireless - Easy to use with thumb button that takes you "back" when surfing. Ergonomic but not suitable for left handed people. Occasionally loses the signal but picks it up on reset. Does consume batteries so I use rechargeables. Small plastic pads on the base disappeared but cant find any to replace them!

  Indigo 1 12:26 30 Jun 2005

I think I must have used the wrong lik but the pic is there, incidentally it only cost £5 from Ebuyer so can't complain.

  Jim Thing 12:40 30 Jun 2005

1. Cordless/optical

2. Splendid

3. Not shaped but that's not a problem.

4. Yes

5. Problem-free

It came with the Logitech cordless optical keyboard and they're both first class IMHO.


  Stuartli 12:52 30 Jun 2005

You can change from right handed to left handed use in the Mouse Properties (Control Panel).

I have a Silvercrest (German company) wireless keyboard and optical mouse (£19.99) - the keyboard has a host of dedicated keys for Internet or applications use depending on requirements.

It also controls volume levels, mute and the F keys functions.

I'm guessing but I'm pretty sure that it's a rebadged A4Tech model - A4Tech produces a vast range of high quality keyboards and mouses (mice?) and many of them are rebadged by other companies. See:

click here

In fact my previous Typhoon Navigator wireless keyboard and mouse set was a rebadged A4Tech set and was exactly the same as one sold by Trust at twice the price...:-)

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