Mouse Scroll Wheels keep wearing out.

  mooly 18:00 05 Jan 2009

Anyone else have this problem. I seem to wear out the srcoll wheel on my mice, they become intermittant and jumpy. Just opened my current one up, cleaned the switch with WD40, it's better but not 100%. This is my fourth in two years.

  Belatucadrus 19:33 05 Jan 2009

Sorry but not here, I've only ever had one mouse fail on me in twelve years and never a scroll wheel.
Do you use it as a third click as well as a wheel ?

  DieSse 19:52 05 Jan 2009

I've two Logitech mouses - one working fine after years and years. I've never seen a quality branded mouse fail like yours.

Praps you're heavy fingered, or just need a better quality mouse?

  Migwell 23:23 05 Jan 2009

The only mouse that I ever had fail on me was a Microsoft Intelli mouse, which gave up the ghost as the red light sensor packed in and that was after about 3 - 4 years of constant use.

  Technotiger 23:26 05 Jan 2009

Does the mouse have a rubber ball underneath?

  mooly 07:19 06 Jan 2009

The one that's failing at the moment is a Trust wireless MI4530P optical, which has been the longest lasting of any. Very rarely use the click action on the wheel. Have had two from Argos (own brand), one failed after only a couple of months, so I returned it. The other began to go the same way so got the Trust.
Maybe I should invest in a better quality one, these have all been cheap ones, even the Trust one I picked up for £4.99.

  BT 07:40 06 Jan 2009

I had my mouse fail last week. It was a Tesco's Technika one and cost me about £6 about 3 years ago. The left click stopped working. Picked up a new one at Tesco's, with a classy blue light, for £2.97. It's much more responsive than the old Microsoft one I used as a temporary measure. For the price its pretty good value and if it lasts another 3 years I'll be quite happy.

  mooly 07:51 06 Jan 2009

You sure you havn't paid over the odds ?
Will have to check that one out.

  mooly 17:31 06 Jan 2009

Our local Tesco doesn't have them, but got this from Argos, I know another cheapie,
click here

First impressions are good. It uses AA cells and has a claimed battery life of 2.5 months. I'll believe that when I see it. Interestingly it doesn't seem to ever power down, the LED continually flashes underneath even after a few hours.
I did anticipate a problem with the plug and play and sure enough had to resort to this. See below.

  mooly 17:34 06 Jan 2009

click here

Spent quite some time trying to research this today and got nowhere. It seems a very common problem, loads of suggestions but no cure for the root cause. The workaround seems OK fortunately, and from what I can gather it was a MS update that breaks the thing in the first place. Not for the first time either.

  mooly 17:41 06 Jan 2009

Read the reviews in the Argos link above. Quite favourable I thought.

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