mouse problems

  elbecko 04:58 10 Mar 2007

hello everyone.

i have a problem with my mouse, and its starting to happen more and more, can you help please?

quite often after i use it, when the pointer is off to the side of the screen or completely off the screen, i either a/ am unable to move the pointer again, or b/ can't get it to appear back on the screen at all.

so when that happens i have to turn the pc off from the wall as i am unable to use the damn thing anymore.

any ideas at all???

  main identity 05:04 10 Mar 2007

try reinstalling drivers or get update drivers for it.

what type of mouse usb ps2 or serial

  SLAYER 07:15 10 Mar 2007

Mouse dying? Put it out of its misery and get a new one perhaps.

  birdface 09:18 10 Mar 2007

Try unpluging it.Switch your computer off,Plug it back in,Switch your computer back on, and see if that works.

  birdface 09:32 10 Mar 2007

Might find something that may help here,click here

  Technotiger 09:38 10 Mar 2007

Hi, you have not said what sort of mouse it is?
If it has a ball underneath, remove the ball and scrape the gunk off the rollers inside, get the rollers complete clean and smooth, then the mouse will work as normal.

  p;3 10:27 10 Mar 2007

if you do have a mouse that has a ball in it (and not an optical mouse); if you turn it over you should see the ball underneath a plastic cover; do this I suggest with the computer OFF;

you need to twist that cover anticlockwise(may take some doing though) to remove it; take the plastic ball out and see what fluff and gubbins are inside the mouse hole; I sometimes use a pair of scissors to GENTLY clean the rubbish out ;you may even need a pair of tweezers to get some of it out ;all of teh rungs inside that hoel ned to be completley clear of any rubbish for the mouse to work effectively

one replaces the cover clockewise when finished although worth looking at the cover itself for cleanliness; if that fails you may need to consider other options as to the reason for the mouse failure

I suggest cleaning it with the comp OFF as that enables you TO clean it without worrying about screan activity ( and mine I think is next in line)

  elbecko 14:19 10 Mar 2007

thanks for all your help.

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