mouse problems

  ginger103 16:28 30 Oct 2005

system XP HOME.six days ago my desktop pc crashed.
on rebooting i found that my mouses were not working.i checked in my device manager and found all reference to my logitech cordless and logitech scoll mmouses had dissapeared[my mouse is a logitech mx1000 laser model] I uninstalled both and reinstalled one at the time trying them in thePS2 and USB sockets.with no joy at all.I tried both mouses in 2 oher computers both worked.I found an unamed wired mouse an antique at this is the only mouse i can get to work. I picked up on A MS filter mouse driver on a PS2 socket re boot.In desperation i did a clean re install of XP HOME to no avail i then fitted a new hard disc still no joy.Can anyone please help

  Hamish 17:16 30 Oct 2005

Try click here

Found by typing mouse not working into Google. There are 59,300,000 pages for mouse not working on Google. Hope one may help. Please post back if you find the cure

  Taff™ 17:21 30 Oct 2005

I think your USB ports have failed - probably the USB controller because a normal mouse in a PS2 port works. Have a look in Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager and expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers - any Yellow Warning Triangles?

Also check under Human Interface Devices - anything listed there? Also Mouse and Keyboard entries.

  ginger103 18:09 30 Oct 2005

Hi taff.
my usb ports seem ok i have taken out working items printer etc to try them but still no joy.
all mice will not work in my PS2 except my antquated one .i have done all theexpansions in the device manager [there was 2 mice before the crash] I have no warnings on universal serial bus controllers.
i have checked all on mouse and keyboard entries.
thanks for trying

  ginger103 18:15 30 Oct 2005

thank you hamish
at least you brought a brief smile

  Taff™ 19:42 30 Oct 2005

So the problem occurs with some PS2 mice as well? You USB printers work however?

  ginger103 20:50 30 Oct 2005

yes taff all my usb sockets work.
it is not just some ps2 mice it is all of them except this old unamed mouse i am using now.this is using MS MOUSE FILTER DRIVERS.
The computer will not recognise any other installations.they install into the computer but do not show in the device manager after the installation.

  Stuartli 21:02 30 Oct 2005

Silly question but, if the mouse uses batteries, have you checked they are OK?

Also, if you use a transmitter, that the relevant sequence has been instigated to "tune" the mouse to the receiver?

  Stuartli 21:03 30 Oct 2005

Only other suggestion is a System Restore.

  Stuartli 21:04 30 Oct 2005

..or a Repair of XP, especially as you suffered a crash.

But try scan /restore first.

  ginger103 19:19 31 Oct 2005

hi stuarti
my main mouse is a rechargble all charged and ok .all batteries checked in other mice all i stated i have done a complete re install of XP HOME I fitted a completely new hard disc.
before i did this i did system restore. every time i try something different i make sure i do the relevent sequences with the mouse and reciever .
What i cannot understand is when i do a reinstall on mouse with a disc is it will go into programes but it will not appear in systems devices.If you read my original statement i said before the crash logitech wireless mouse appearred in the system devices i cannot get any drivers to appear now is P/S2 MOUSE FILTER DRIVER
this will only drive my ancient slow mouse with no scoll

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