mouse problems

  nobbie 16:11 26 May 2004

hi all, my mouse is playing up!, it freezes randomly anywhere on the screen, sometimes, constantly moving the mouse around gets it going again, but mostly it just stays still.
i have tried updating the drivers but it says that best driver is already installed, i've altered the setting i.e speed and scroll speed, i've done a virus scan and found nothing,i've also tried a different mouse , with the same consequence,
so any advice please
it is a wired ps2 mouse, but i was thinking of trying to obtain a usb mouse, what do you think

  christmascracker 16:14 26 May 2004

Have you tried cleaning it?

  nobbie 16:15 26 May 2004

plus tried different mice ?

  rawprawn 16:54 26 May 2004

Problems like that are usually caused by a conflict with other hardware. Have you added anything recently ? if so unplug it and try again. If not try unplugging everything else but the mouse and then see if that works. If it does keep plugging things in one at a time until you find out what is causing the problem.

  joncuk 16:59 26 May 2004

Are you running some programme in background, maybe screen saver or fancy graghics wallpaper. I had a similar problem with running "felix" wallpaper programe.

Also try to see if excessive memory is locked up on another application

  nobbie 18:11 26 May 2004

i have no backgroud programs running or fancy graphic wallpaper
i'll give the "process of elimination " a try

  Shas 18:28 26 May 2004

Can I highjack this thread please :o) - I'm having virtually the same problem and have had for a couple of months. I thought it was because I'd downloaded McAfee firewall when I upgraded to bb, so I uninstalled that and installed ZoneAlarm, but that's made no difference.

Something just seems to take control of the mouse and I have to wait for it to be released before I can do anything - for example it took me five minutes to access this thread! The pointer either freezes completely or what movement there is, is skittish and it prances about all over the place.

Don't have anything running in the background other than what you are advised to have.

Hopefully we'll both get an answer to our problem Nobbie :o)

  Eastender 18:33 26 May 2004

Ty deleting the mouse in 'Device Manager'. On rebooting Windows will re-install the mouse driver.

  woodchip 18:44 26 May 2004

It's not pluged in the keyboard PS2 is it

  swapper 18:54 26 May 2004

I take it as read that you have checked for a virus or worm??

  Fruit Bat 18:56 26 May 2004

check the batteries in optical wireless mouse

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