Mouse problem

  thumbscrew 20:59 10 Aug 2007

I've been using a wireless mouse for over a year with no problems. I noticed yesterday that the arrow is begunning to develop a mind of its own....jumping around erratically. I've replaced the batteries...still the same. Can anyone advise?

  VoG II 21:08 10 Aug 2007

Is there a 'connect' button or similar on either both the mouse or the receiver? If so try pressing it/them.

  thumbscrew 21:21 10 Aug 2007

Hi VoG, yes on the receiver...pressed it and not much difference.Please don't laugh, but my mouse's got a shiny surface...could that influence the pointer?

  Technotiger 21:25 10 Aug 2007

As long as you are not using the mouse on a metal surface, try it without the mouse mat. Nobody on this Forum will laugh at your question(s).

  thumbscrew 21:43 10 Aug 2007

Thanks Technotiger, ditched the mat...not as bad...more control.

  Technotiger 21:59 10 Aug 2007

Another point, if your mouse has a ball underneath, remove the ball and clean the rollers inside the mouse. The rollers often get a build-up of dirt in one spot on the rollers causing erratic pointer movement. If this is the case with yours, use something like a nail-file or small screwdriver to scrape the dirt off.

  thumbscrew 22:01 10 Aug 2007

Thanks agin pal, no ball,just infra red lens.

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