Mouse pointer problem

  IanS1 09:39 09 Mar 2007

I have a problem with the mouse on my elderly & heavily used/abused Dell Latitude laptop.

The mouse pointer fly’s off to the top corner of the screen and cannot be controlled, which renders the Laptop practically unusable. This is the mouse on the integrated touch-pad, ie not a mouse plugged in on a lead.

As a solution I’m thinking of just buying an ordinary cheap mouse on a cable & plugging that in to use instead of the faulty touch-pad mouse. But I think I may encounter two problems –

1. How can I follow instructions for installing a new mouse, when currently I have no mouse pointer with which to control the laptop?

2. The laptop does not have a CD drive (because it malfunctioned & had to be removed), so if I connect a new mouse then I have no means of installing any set-up software from a disk. So, can I download any necessary mouse driver/installation software from the internet, eg from Logitech website?

Should perhaps explain that the Laptop is 5 years old and quite worn & scruffy now, so it’s really not worth returning it to Dell for repair, but of course it and it has masses of my data/files on it, so if possible I’d like to fix the mouse problem rather than immediately buying a new laptop.


  xania 09:51 09 Mar 2007

I did have an old laptop with a similar problem and overcame this by attaching a standard mouse. You will need to check your BIOS as you may need to disable your existing mouse pad, but otherwise a serial (I don't suppose you have USB) should provide basic functionality without any drivers. You can then use the new mouse to install drivers for increased functionality.

  IanS1 17:52 09 Mar 2007

Hi Xania – many thanks for the reply.

Let me check if I understand you correctly - you mean, if I just plug a simple old-fashioned type mouse into a spare serial port & re-boot the laptop, then the laptop should recognise the new mouse & provide an on-screen pointer with enough basic mouse function to select things & download any necessary driver software etc? Remember I don’t have a disk drive, so I can’t install mouse software from a disk.


  xania 17:59 10 Mar 2007

Should do. As they say, suck it and see!! Good luck

  Arnie 18:15 10 Mar 2007

About six years ago I attended a computer course. The only computers offered for use were laptops and since I never got on with the built in mouse touch-pad, I used my own cable mouse.

This simply plugged into a PS2 port. (The one that looks like a mini DIN socket.

  IanS1 19:05 10 Mar 2007

OK thanks for all the help guys. I also found that if I go into the Control Panel, there’s an option to disable the faulty touch-pad mouse, so that’s also an option eg. if that faulty mouse/pointer interferes with the action of new mouse. Apart from that, Ill just proceed as you say, ie just buy a new mouse and try it.


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