Mouse Pointer problem

  nickr 14:51 07 Aug 2005

I have just bought a new computer system, running XP Home. The mouse is a corded (USB connection) optical mouse.

Every so often, the mouse pointer will shoot off to the opposite end of the screen.

What causes this and how can I correct it?

(The other threads in the Helproom seem to refer to wireless mice).

  Totally-braindead 15:00 07 Aug 2005

The first thing that I would suggest is change the surface the optical mouse is on. I don't use a mouse mat just the computer workdesk and the mouse does have a tendency to wander off from time to time, I presume due to the type of the surface the desk is made of. Its no major problem and doesn't really bother me but if it concerns you try using a sheet of paper as a mat or get a mouse mat.

  nickr 15:07 07 Aug 2005

Thanks, Totally-braindead.
I am, in fact using a special mouse mat designed for optical mice, that I bought from PC world. But I have tried various surfaces for the mouse, and the pointer behaves in the same way.

I realise it's not a major problem, it's just irritating!

  Strawballs 17:51 07 Aug 2005

What type of mouse is it, at work our IT dept started getting in A4 4 button and 2 wheel optical mice and they had a lot of complaints about them doing just what you described so they changed type.

  phono 18:02 07 Aug 2005

Have you checked the manufacturer's website for updated drivers or reports from other users of such problems?

  Totally-braindead 18:10 07 Aug 2005

If it always did this and it isn't something new then I would suggest its just the mouse and not any other software related problem. I personally use a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse and it works fine ( providing I don't just use the desk that is ). It cost £10 I think it was. Only other suggestions I have are try altering some of the mouse settings in Control Panel to make it less sensitive or have a look on the mouse manufacturers website for updated drivers or a fix as phono has suggested.

  Pooke 20:41 07 Aug 2005

Erm, The missus when on the computer encounters this jittery effect. I watched her on the computer one day and she lifts the mouse off the table every so often when she needs to move the cursor across the screen, so that she doesn't really move her hand. Just be cautious of this habbit, when I told her what I observed, she said "No, I don't, really?". Since then it has stopped doing it.

  Pooke 20:42 07 Aug 2005

Or she has stopped complaining, lol.

  nickr 21:00 07 Aug 2005

It's a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse. Brand new - came with the computer.

Will check MS website as advised.

  mike1967 21:41 07 Aug 2005

Just a quick question is it a dell pc and youre using the dell supplied mouse mat. if it is just remove the mouse mat and use the desk top without a mouse mat thats how i fixed mine

  amonra 21:53 07 Aug 2005

Some meeces seem to be prone to picking up stray interference from various sources which CAN cause weird and wonderful patterns of behaviour. Try another make of mouse to check (beg or borrow)

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