Mouse pointer jerks

  douglas1973 00:14 30 May 2005

I use Windows XP Home Edition SP2 and have a Logitech cordless mouse and keyboard which until recently have been working without any problems using the PS2 port with a USB/SP2 adapter. Now sometimes I find after booting up that the mouse pointer jerks when I move it making it very difficult to select objects. There are no conflicts in Device Manager and I stress that this annoying problem is intermitent - in other words it does not always occur. Curiously, if I remove the connection to the PS2 port and then reconnect the problem disappears.
Does anyone have a permanent solution to this annoying problem? I know I could possibly use instead a USB port but they are in short supply and I had no problems using the PS2 port until recently.

  muscic lover 00:22 30 May 2005

I had this with my optical mouse.....

maybe of some help...

1. try the mouse on a non reflective surface... eg NOT GLASS

2. Usea mouse mat if possible....

3. Try new batteries - always a good one!

Hope this helps and your mouse problems are history!

Good luck

  Pooke100 00:39 30 May 2005
  Pooke100 00:41 30 May 2005

many appologies wrong thread.

getting too tired lol



  ashdav 00:51 30 May 2005

could be bad reception between the mouse and transmitter. Try putting the transmitter closer to the mouse.

  douglas1973 15:10 31 May 2005

Use mouse matand batteries are ok, Music Lover.
Have moved the transmitter closer and farther away from the mouse but it made no difference, ashdav.
As explained the problem is intermitent and I have now not had it for a couple of days! Why are computers so frustrating...
Anyway, very many thanks to both of you. Will get back if the problem returns.

  madPentium 18:00 31 May 2005

check for spyware, and does this only happen when you are on the internet?
I had this once and found a hacker in my system to my complete embarrassment.

  douglas1973 18:26 31 May 2005

Run Microsoft AntiSpyware, BT Yahoo Anti-Spy, Ad-Aware SE Personal and Spybot on a regular basis MadPentium. Thanks anyway.

  Skeletor 18:48 31 May 2005

This sounds like it could be the same problem I had/have. Does the mouse jerk at about 1 second intervals? Is your sound effected in the same way? The only way I can fix it is to reboot. I did several Google searches without any luck, but I did post the problem here click here


  Technotiger 19:26 31 May 2005

Hi, does your mouse have a ball? If so, remove ball and clean off muck which has probably gathered on the rollers inside.


  douglas1973 00:23 01 Jun 2005

Hi Skeletor
My problems seem to be very similar to yours in that I also have problems with sound that "crackles" from time to time for no apparent reason and then rights itself next time I boot up. You will find a thread on this problem that I iniated at the same time as this one. I am not sure at what intervals the mouse jerks but I would say at half second intervals.
At the moment neither the mouse or sound problems are occuring. As I have said they are INTERMITENT problems which makes it that more difficult to find why they are occuring. When they start occuring again I will try all the suggestions that you and others have so kindly suggested and get back if I find the cause but I suspect that it might be very difficult to pinpoint the reason with certainty unless I try each one separately which is really impractical and just too time consuming.
Thanks very much for your help.

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