mouse pointer

  qwesaws 07:31 31 May 2007

I have a ps2 mouse and the pointer is regularly either freezing or randomly jumping about and sometimes disappearing completely,also when I want to do some typing again the marker freezes then after a few seconds there`s a beep and it returns, can anyone help please?

  Technotiger 08:15 31 May 2007

Hi, looks like your little rodent needs a clean-up. Remove the ball from the under-side and with something like a nail-file or small screwdriver scrape of the gunk that accumulates on two of the rollers inside, you might need to apply a little bit of pressure, especially if the rollers have not previously been cleaned. Make sure that the rollers are completely clean and smooth, then replace the ball and your little rodent will be a happy-bunny again.

  qwesaws 09:13 31 May 2007

Hi Technotiger,
thanks for that forgot to say that my mouse hasn`t got a ball it`s a GENIUS the one with the light underneath can you still help?

  skidzy 09:16 31 May 2007

Firstly check the correct mouse is assigned in control panel/classic view/mouse.

From there you can change a few settings also.

  Technotiger 09:22 31 May 2007

Ah, ok - just guessing now then, have you tried new battery? Or perhaps run the rodent on a clear plain surface, like a sheet of A4 paper. Or perhaps software update. Failing all that put said rodent into a environment friendly bio-degradable box and bury it in a suitable location away from the clutches of curiosity-killed-the-cat meecers! And buy a nice new user-friendly rodent.

  wee eddie 09:26 31 May 2007

That there is not a eyelash, or similar, caught in the light's pathway.

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