Mouse Pad - not working

  Alison-191125 15:44 23 Sep 2004

I have an Acer Travelmate, but for some reason the mouse pad does not work, i can plug in a mouse into my UBS port, but that really defeats the object of using a portable computer with no leads. Has anyone else had this problem?? Even with another type of PC.

  JonnyTub 15:46 23 Sep 2004

can't say that i have, are the drivers installed for it?

  Alison-191125 16:35 23 Sep 2004

Yes all was working fine, It's brand new so it seems very strange that it's now not working. The person it belongs to brought it in and another colleague of mine download some more drivers for it, but that didn't work.

Hence they then brought it to me, like i can fix it? Waiting for Acer to get back to me (2days ago), was just wondering whether any one had an idea why that could be the case. Oh if this helps it's a Synaptic touchpad v5.8 on ps/2

  recap 16:41 23 Sep 2004

You can change the sensativity of the pad. The pad may have been disabled.

  jack 17:01 23 Sep 2004

One thing I am not clear on is this the integaral
mousy device or an extra that plugs in?
Some of the 'extras' have batteries - how about this one?

  Alison-191125 22:39 23 Sep 2004

Thanks peeps 4 getting back 2 me, should have said when you attach an external mouse (i'm using an optical one at the momoent) the cursor moves, but when you unplug it the cursor is frozen. I have looked at the sensitivity issue but will check again just incase i missed something,
plus downloaded another driver and still no joy.

Will have a look at Synaptic website 2moro, coz i definately am not getting paid overtime for this!!!! Much appreciated for your respones hope this added bit of information makes more sense and ideas issue forth, cheers

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