Mouse or a security problem.?

  JoanSims 02:28 20 Oct 2009

Hi, I need a bit of advice here please.It might be nothing or it could be a security problem.. The mouse pointer on my PC in the last ten days has developed a mind of its own and is jumping all over the place of its own accord.. It looks for all the world like someone has control of my mouse remotely (even whilst typing this!).I use Avast! (free version) along with SpyBot and Yahoo Anti-Spy for my computer security... Are there any tests I can carry out to see if my mouse is working properly or can anyone advise a way I can check to see if my pc is being taken over externally.Avast and SpyBot come up blank everytime I run them... Cheers Rob

  Taff™ 08:34 20 Oct 2009

What kind of mouse is it? Wired/wireless - laser or ball - USB or PS2 connection? Make and model might be useful.

It could just need cleaning. Have you tried using another mouse to see if the problem persists?

  Chris the Ancient 11:01 20 Oct 2009

There used to be a spate of this a while back because of a virus/trojan.

Put "crazy mouse virus" in as a google search... there are lots of hits with ideas.

  JoanSims 16:23 20 Oct 2009

Hi Taff,, Thanks for replying.. It is a wired Logitech (model No M-SBF90 p/n851955-c000) laser mouse with a PS2 connection.. I use it on a Vista 64bit PC... regards Rob

  JoanSims 16:27 20 Oct 2009

Hi C the A, thanks for your help.. had look at 'CrazyMouse' on Google and what i have got seems to meet that description.. Going to run my antivirus (Avast!) in safe mode which is one of the first suggestions on google.. thanks Rob

  Taff™ 21:06 20 Oct 2009

Could be what Chris the Ancient says. Try another mouse first because that should eliminate the virus theory. For example, it could be a hair stuck over the laser. Also think about the surface your mouse is sat on. Lasers don`t work on reflective surfaces such as glass or ceramic surfaces for example.

  wee eddie 09:47 21 Oct 2009

Could be worth checking

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