Mouse not working as it should

  Teasle 15:47 25 Sep 2005

Hi there - can somebody please help.
Yesterday my pc froze (probably because I had opened too many programs at once). Since restarting my pc, I have found the mouse doesn't work properly. It doesn't respond to the movement most of the time and if I run the curser over the tool bar or desk top icon, for eg, it doesn't open it, but brings up a menu, as if I had right clicked.
Sometimes the curser disappears all together for a few seconds. When it is there, and I click on the right hand x to close a program, nothing happens.
So I ran Registry Mechanic, CCleaner, Clean up, A-squared, AVG, Adaware, spybot, Spyware Blaster. I also restored by going in to DOS and doing SCANREG /RESTORE. Still no change. Any ideas what I can do to correct this?
I run W98.
Thanking you all in anticipation.

  spuds 16:11 25 Sep 2005

What type of mouse are you using, and how long have you used it. Have you tried re-installing new drivers!.

  Stuartli 16:20 25 Sep 2005

Try uninstalling the mouse in Device Manager and then rebooting.

Is it a wireless mouse? Perhaps the frequency has been altered or, alternatively, the batteries are starting to go flat.

  Teasle 16:37 25 Sep 2005


It's a cheap Trust mouse that came with my pc 3 years ago. I will look at re-installing, devices etc.

  jack 17:22 25 Sep 2005

Go to Pets at hHme - they have lots of mouses in all sorts of colours.
Seriously though - a new mouse and have a spare
They come cheap as chips as that man says

  woodchip 18:32 25 Sep 2005

put the win98 cd in, and let it run setup. this will leave your files intact

  Teasle 19:33 25 Sep 2005

Hi Spuds and Stuarti - I tried the re-installing and updating the driver but still have the same problems.

Hi Jack - think I'll go to Staples next door to Pets At Home :) and get one that doesn't need feeding.

Woodchip - thanks too. Maybe I will try this too if I'm feeling brave.

  Stuartli 19:44 25 Sep 2005

Have you tried cleaning the rollers and the ball in the mouse?

You get a buildup of dirt on them and a cotton bud (slightly moistened) helps to remove it.

But perhaps I'm telling my grandmother how to suck eggs?

  Teasle 21:16 26 Sep 2005

Thank you to all that responded.

My Dad popped round with a spare mouse this morning and it worked fine so the problem must have been with the hardware as suggested so cheers all.

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