mouse not detected in windows 98

  tsham 01:14 15 Jan 2003
  tsham 01:14 15 Jan 2003

After windows 98 has booted up it displays the message windows 98 can't detect the mouse

  1st RHA 01:21 15 Jan 2003

is it usb? or PS2? do you have alternative? Is it a replacement or one you have used for years.

  penny 01:27 15 Jan 2003

As 1st RHA said, Have you got another you can try and also is it plugged in the right place as the mouse and keyboard are the same. Have a look at mouse in control panel see if you can find anything there.

  1st RHA 01:29 15 Jan 2003

starting to think I was alone here, sorry to move off track.

  tsham 01:34 15 Jan 2003

The mouse is plugged into the right place,I did try another mouse,and got the same message,

  penny 01:41 15 Jan 2003

ReInstall mouse. Goto Device Manager click cross next to mouse, click on the mouse you are using click properties, click update driver you will be asked for Win98 disk.That should sort it.I hope.

  BRYNIT 01:43 15 Jan 2003

Go to system folder and check for conflicking drivers. remove drivers close down, reboot and reinstall drivers

  tsham 00:49 16 Jan 2003

I posted this message for a friend,and I tried a serial mouse and it works ok,but have found another problem one of my usb ports it does'nt detect the scanner,I plugged the scanner into another usb port,and it worked ok,there is some other problems that still need to be sorted,thanks to all for the info

  Gongoozler 09:12 16 Jan 2003

tsham, one usb port working and one not working sounds like a harware problem. If the usb port is on the motherboard it could be the usb chip or a connector problem. If the usb is on a bracket it could also be the cable from the bracket to the motherboard not connecting properly. If neither of these works then you may need a pci usb adapter to get more usb ports. What motherboard does your friend have?

  tsham 01:26 21 Jan 2003

I've not had a chance to look at the motherboard,there is a few other problems with my friends pc,apart from the mouse prob,one cd-rom drive the the drive keeps opening and closing,we have to keep pressing on it to make stop,when he starts defrag, defraging c drive takes ages,(the drive is 20gig) to complete (hours),the origanal problem was a noisey fan,and since that his probs started,another friend of mine is going try and sort it out.
thanks again for the replies

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