Mouse makes hand tingle!

  katswhiskers 12:05 05 Apr 2007

I have a new PC Line Optical USB mouse and when I use it my hand tingles and slightly aches!

Am I getting some harmful rays or something?

Thanks in advance.

  moorie- 12:14 05 Apr 2007

no, more likely a bit of rsi
click here

  johndrew 15:12 05 Apr 2007

Get a mousemat with some wrist support and/or make certain your forearm is supported when you use the mouse for long periods.

  Bogbrain 16:51 05 Apr 2007

lol gamma rays innit.

  tullie 17:31 05 Apr 2007

Keep your fingers away from light on bottom of mouse,its the heat

  Diemmess 17:58 05 Apr 2007

Seriously, I tried but disliked using an optical mouse at a friend's place, just because I could feel a fine tremble under my hand, not electrical, more a mechanical one as though the mouse was itself relocating its position.

Never really thought about the cause, it is USB powered.

  Diemmess 18:04 05 Apr 2007

Could you agree it is a buzz-feeling and happens when the mouse is lifted and not really down on a smooth surface?

  rdave13 22:02 05 Apr 2007

Maybe a touch of Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

  katswhiskers 11:06 06 Apr 2007

Thanks, but none of the above. Must be an electrical thing. It has a bright blue light on it. I think that's causing it.

I have one of those tiny key ring LED lights and there is a warning on that to stay out of the line of it. So, maybe it's not good for my hand if it's the same kind of thing?!

It also travels up my forearm! yikes :(

Can anyone recommend another make - a small one for my laptop?


  Forum Editor 11:30 06 Apr 2007

is almost certainly your body's reaction to a different mouse. Without you being conscious of it it your hand is conforming to a slightly different shape and 'feel'. This is manifested as the tingling and aching you're experiencing.

In time it will disappear, but it's a warning - take a rest at frequent intervals. I spend long hours at keyboards, and I've learned how important it is to get things just right. Some forum members smile at my apparent obsession with getting the perfect keyboard and mouse, but it's incredibly important. Over the years I've spent more money than I care to think about on monitors, chairs, and keyboard/mouse combinations until, at long last I think I have achieved a pretty good balance.

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