Mouse Madness

  Bob Bob™ 15:43 28 Sep 2009

I have a Toshiba P300 running Windows XP for audio recording so alot of services and startup programs have been switched off.

I have a USB mouse plugged into a USB hub and since I reinstalled I have had this annoying problem where sometimes the left click does what the right click should do. When it happened last I confirmed that it happens with the built in mouse pad on the laptop istelf. Also when I left the room and came back a desktop icon followed my mouse pointer whereever it went, as if I had held down the left button and was dragging it somewhere.

Could one of the services I cancelled cause it or could it be a virus. Even though its a two week old install of XP there are two hard drives on my laptop and on the other drive I have Vista which I have used for a long time but since retired unless I need to do partition work or just incase.

Any ideas would be appreciated no end.
Thanks all

  Stuartli 15:54 28 Sep 2009

Try Uninstalling the mouse in Device Manager and then Rebooting.

Also check out the Mouse's Properties in Control Panel. It could be set for left hand operation (see Buttons tab).

  Bob Bob™ 23:11 01 Oct 2009

Thanks Stuartli for the suggestion.
I uninstalled all the Mice I could find in the Device Manager, it asked to reboot, I did and when it loaded up again all the Mice were working again.

Still though, sometimes the mouse buttons will either do:

1) nothing unless CTRL ALT DEL is pressed
2) The left click does what the right click should do and the right click is un affected.

Again, this happens with the USB mouse and the built in one.

CTRL ALT DEL fixes both for a short space of time though.

  gigagiggles 23:28 01 Oct 2009


how old is the usb mouse? the common denominator is the left click button of the usb mouse. possibly the mechanism beneath the button is acting up. is there another usb mouse to test this theory?

have you tried with the usb mouse unplugged? would the symptom of icon dragging disappear?

on the software side, after a reinstall, make sure the drivers for the laptop mouse is also.

  Stuartli 00:30 02 Oct 2009

Is the USB hub to which the mouse is connected a powered hub?

If not, try a dedicated system USB port.

  Bob Bob™ 19:17 14 Oct 2009

Hey all.

So, I actually went to the bother of a total system reinstall. I formatted the drives and started from scratch and sadly the problem remains with a different USB mouse, this time connected to the laptop itself.

So what happens is sometimes:
1) Windows seem to become unresponsive. I can move around the screen but clicking does nothing.
2) Some times when I left click it does what the right click does
3) The mouse "clicks" by itselft, not physically clicks but it sometimes acts as if I am dragging things across the screen. So when I move the mouse icons or things get dragged with it.

Ill try disabling the builtin mouse pad to see if that helps.

If it doesnt any ideas yourself?

  Bob Bob™ 20:52 14 Oct 2009

I disabled the touchpad with the FN key and F9 which switchs it on and off and even with it off it causes problems. Im so confused and frustrated with it :S

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