Mouse Left Click not working

  dangerman 23:45 18 Apr 2009

The mouse left click only works spasmodically. It works then it become totally inactive. By selecting task manager then simply closing it the left click becomes active again, for a time.
I have tried 3 different mice no change, all three work properly on my lap top.
I diched all the programmes and applications - no improvement.
I reformated the c drive and reinstalled windows XP no improvement.
I downloaded and run the video card drivers - no change.
Where next?? Any help gratefully received.

  lotvic 23:58 18 Apr 2009

If USB mouse - try it in another USB port.

  dangerman 00:11 20 Apr 2009

Thanks lotvic
Tried that in two different usb Ports without any improvement.

  dangerman 00:13 20 Apr 2009

Thanks lotvic
Tried that in two different usb Ports without any improvement.

  rossgolf 01:14 20 Apr 2009

probably a bios problem, the way it handles USB ports.
try flashing your bios or get a repair shop to do it for you

  lotvic 20:52 20 Apr 2009

I can't see it being a bios problem

Did a google search and there are some interesting solutions click here
Have you tried reinstalling the mouse driver?

  OTT_Buzzard 21:01 20 Apr 2009

Zonealarm flags the URL you have linked to as a spysite

  lotvic 21:07 20 Apr 2009

You'd better fix your Zonealarm then because link is Google search results, thus:

  grey george 21:49 20 Apr 2009

Have you done a through scan for any nasties?
Does the pc have a ps2 mouse socket? If so does a ps2 mouse do the same thing?

  dangerman 19:58 27 Apr 2009

Lotvic/Rossgolf/OTT Buzzard/Grey George
Many thanks guys for your contributions. I tried most of them - without success!! Anyway I've found the problem - a confliction between the keyboard and the mouse. When I unplugged the keyboard the mouse worked perfectly. Different keyboard all works fine. That one is'nt the computer book!

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