Mouse and Keyboard doesn't turn off

  soupz 19:52 02 Aug 2007


I've just bought a new Mouse and Keyboard pack. The Microsoft Business Pack combo. The problem is when I turn off the computer, the lights on the Keyboard and Mouse stay on.

I'm using windows Vista 64bit edition.

This is normal.

Mine does exactly the same. You will need to switch it off at the wall socket.

  soupz 18:15 07 Aug 2007


Sorry About the late reply.

Are you positive this is normal? My old keyboard and mouse on my old xp machine turned off when the system was off.

I find it a bit strange that this could be normal as the mouse Lights are pretty bright and with the keyboard lights on contantly. its very annoying.

  Chris the Ancient 18:49 07 Aug 2007

That's the way it goes!

Unless the pc is turned off at the mains, the power supply unit (psu) stays on line so that you have power available for when you press the 'on' button. A common side effect is that some things stay live.

The only way to avoid those lights being on is to turn off the computer at the mains.

  wiz-king 19:56 07 Aug 2007

I agree with Chris the Ancient, on most computers the usb sockets stay 'live' all the time likewise the mouse and keyboard,it should go into its power saving mode when the computer goes to sleep.

  soupz 19:58 07 Aug 2007


but i'm not using USB. just the normal green and purple ports..

  Ashrich 21:46 07 Aug 2007

This will be something to do with your bios settings for resuming power and booting the PC . It will enable you to press any key or click the mouse to awake or power up the PC . Have a look in the bios for power settings , resumption from a power off state ( S3 ) etc. try playing with each option until you get the result you want .


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