Mouse Keeps Stuttering and Not Moving...

  OoOGazOoO 11:07 09 Jul 2006

Hi there, i am new here, seems a very decent help forum.

Basically, my mouse on my computer when i try and move it keeps like stuttering and won't move, and it is really starting to annoy me as you can imagine.

This is the second mouse that this has happened to in a matter of 3/4 weeks.

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way i have run a spyware check just incase of any weird virus which makes this sort of thing happen but nothing came back.



  Taff™ 11:11 09 Jul 2006

What type of mouse is it? Wireless / cable ? Make & Model?

it could just be standard driver problem which can be resolved by uninstalling. Post Back.

  Totally-braindead 11:12 09 Jul 2006

What mouse is it and did it come with any software? Have you defragged the hard drive recently? Did the mouse work ok initially and then develop the fault or did it do this from day one?

  wolfie3000 11:15 09 Jul 2006

Wireless = check batteries and distance from receiver

Ball = might need a clean out

  OoOGazOoO 11:16 09 Jul 2006

Hi there thank you for the quick replies.

Well the first one was my dell mouse which i got with my computer (Dimension 2400) and that worked fine up until recently, this was a mouse that you plug into the green bit on the back of the computer.

Then that stopped working so i got another mouse that you plug into the back, this one goes into a slot just either above or below where the monitor cable plugs into.

I haven't defragged the HD recently no.

The problem just seems to have come on in the past 3/4 weeks and has ruined 2 mice in the process already.

Thanks again.

  Taff™ 11:56 09 Jul 2006

Have you tried the troubleshooter? Control Panel>System>Hardware Tab - Device Manager. Click the plus sign next to mice and right click your mouse. Then select troubleshooter.

  SANTOS7 11:58 09 Jul 2006

click here
this may help...

  OoOGazOoO 12:55 09 Jul 2006

Thanks, have tried that but still nothing.

Its very strange.

  terryf 12:59 09 Jul 2006

Control Panel>System>Hardware Tab - Device Manager. Click the plus sign next to mice and right click your mouse. select uninstall and reboot machine, windows will find hardware and wizard will open to re-install it

  OoOGazOoO 13:03 09 Jul 2006

Will try that now. Thanks.

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