mouse keeps crashing

  the lone ranger 16:04 30 Jul 2007

every time I plug in any hardware i.e. mp3 player, external hdd etc. my mouse crashes. Only thing I`ve installed recently is a netgear router and it`s working fine (as is everything else). I bought a new mouse but it`s exactly the same. Any ideas?????
Been into device manager and all seems to be ok.

  Clapton is God 16:34 30 Jul 2007

Un-install and re-install the mouse driver

  wee eddie 20:47 30 Jul 2007

What items and where do they draw their power supply?

  the lone ranger 20:55 30 Jul 2007

The mouse is plug and play connected to one of 4 usb ports. The other things connected are the printer, scanner, mouse and one spare for my camera, mp3 player etc. as and when I need to use it. Scanner and printer have their own power source.
Will try to un/re-install the driver and see how I get on.

  wee eddie 21:10 30 Jul 2007

The external HDD ~ mains-powered. the MP3 Player does not charge through the USB circuit. the Keyboard is PS2. yes

  the lone ranger 21:12 30 Jul 2007

Yes wee eddie

  the lone ranger 21:27 30 Jul 2007

have just un/re-installed the mouse driver and it`s still the same

  wee eddie 21:29 30 Jul 2007

and dump the USB one

  HCOOH 21:33 30 Jul 2007

Last resort, you could try disabling legacy mouse support in the BIOS. If no better then re-enable and do as suggested by Wee Eddie.

  the lone ranger 21:33 30 Jul 2007

the other mouse was a ps2 one. I bought the cheap usb to try it out

  HCOOH 21:35 30 Jul 2007

Could also try cables in different ports, stranger things have happened.

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