Mouse Jerky While Playing FPS Games

  enaver 14:42 18 Sep 2011

Hey everyone,

Ive recently had a problem with my mouse feeling jerky/sticky on FPS (first person shooter) games.

I use to have a analog mouse and i thought it was that, now ive changed my mouse for a wireless one (Trust bluespot precision). Batteries are full and sensor is within distance with nothing blocking it. I also have a good mouse matt.

My frames per second are fine in every game (80fps+). It feels as if when i turn something is jammed on it. Makes it really hard to play the game. Two examples of games im playing at the moment are Red Orchestra 2 and Battlefield BC 2.

It is fine on windows and surfing the internet, and im pretty sure it doesn't happen when i play strategy games.

I have 64 Bit windows 7 and my monitor is a w2363d (however it still happened on my old monitor)

Hope you can all help and thank you in advance!


  gengiscant 14:54 18 Sep 2011

I can only hazard a guess at this as I do not believe wireless mice are particularly good for FPS games,I use laser wired laser myself. Most games allow you to adjust the sensitivity of a mouse. Apart from that, which I imagine you have already tried I do not know what else to suggest.

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