Mouse Issue

  Stuffer27 15:18 18 May 2009


Weird one this...

PC on XP - run spyware & virus checks with no issues.

Whenever my wife logs onto PC and uses O/Express & IE, the mouse freezes and she is unable to move between applications or screens - has to do CTRL/Alt/Del to get out of this issue.

Whenever I log in, I never have this issue.

What's causing this as I've not got the slightest clue!!

Thanks all!

  johndrew 15:28 18 May 2009

I`m not certain if an individual account can have differences in screen settings, but I know that acceleration can affect the mouse pointer in some instaces - even MS admit it.

Is the Hardware Acceleration setting the same as yours? You should try this logged on to your account and then for your wife.

1. Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.
2. On the Settings tab, click Advanced.
3. On the Troubleshooting tab, check the position of the slider.

  crosstrainer 15:39 18 May 2009

Make and model of mouse?

Wouldn't be cordless per Chance?

  Stuffer27 16:05 18 May 2009

Hi crosstrainer, yes, the mouse is cordless but the keyboard isn't...and as I say, it doesn't happen for me! Could it be as simple as a corrupt profile? Not sure how my wife's profile could become corrupt though?!

  brundle 16:32 18 May 2009

The problem isn't the mouse, you just happen to notice that it freezes along with the whole machine. Try to find out if it happens running IE or Outlook Express alone, or does it only happen when both are running?

  brundle 16:36 18 May 2009

Unless of course you can still use the keyboard to Alt/Tab between programs, or continue typing if writing an email for example.

  keef66 16:14 20 May 2009

had something similar 2 days ago. Motherboard transplant meant a format / reinstall of Win XP and restoring files / settings / docs etc from an Acronis backup on ext HDD. Then Windows wanted to upgrade to IE8, so I let it. Everything working fine for 3 of the users, but our youngest son was moaning his head off. IE was behaving very strangely, and half the icons in his start menu were missing and most of the others were unresponsive.

After a lot of false starts I eventually worked out it was a combination of:-
1.)me typing his username slightly differently when setting up XP
2.)reinstalling i-tunes then copying his library from the backup (different user details again!)
3.)installing IE8 seemed to have upset i-tunes.

Solved by deleting all but his correct user name from Docs and settings, and reinstalling i-tunes.

So IE can behave itself for one user, and be downright obstructive for another

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