Mouse has a mind of its own....

  fourjays 21:01 01 Dec 2004

Ive got two computers and (obviously) two mice. Both are wired Microsoft Intellimouse v3.0, bought from Dabs recently. Should I be worried about the fact that sometimes, when I am holding the mouse STILL, it moves left or right at a fast speed on its own?

Why is it doing it?

  howard60 21:25 01 Dec 2004

is it a balless mouse? if so you need to run it over a blank white sheet of paper not a mouse mat.

  bamfiesler 21:32 01 Dec 2004

I have heard of this happening, and it's been - supposedly - attributed to USB devices; can anyone verify this?

  fourjays 21:33 01 Dec 2004

It has a ball. I use it on a desk. Mouse mats get on my wits. Both of them do it. Could something be interfeering with them somehow?

  fourjays 21:34 01 Dec 2004

Mine is PS/2. :s

They are both fairly modern computers though. I prefer PS/2 mice though as they are cheaper than USB. lol

  howard60 21:42 01 Dec 2004

if they are old mices the cables do break internally and you should try a new one. If they are not that old check for dirt on the internal rollers.

  VoG II 21:45 01 Dec 2004

Check to see if you have a program called "crazy mouse" installed. I believe that if you move the pointer to the top left of the screen it has a turn off option.

  fourjays 22:03 01 Dec 2004

Both mice are new. Only about 2 weeks old. They BOTH do the same. I have no prog installed at all. It just kind of drifts left or right. It contniues when I am not touching the mouse at all, and only stops when I click or move the mouse at all.

  woodchip 22:09 01 Dec 2004

Try removing the mouse from Device Manager and You will have to shut comp down with keyboard when it restarts it will find and reload the mouse. It may just fix the problem

  fourjays 13:47 08 Jan 2005

Its still not fixed. I have tried several things, but it still has a mind of its own. I even tried re-installing the driver, but that gave no change.

  recap 13:51 08 Jan 2005

fourjays, check to see if you have a virus?

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