Mouse gone walkabouts ?

  Derek 07:16 05 Aug 2007

It's only a cheap one from Tesco but it works except that when I put it down it starts to creep up the screen slowly
when I'm using it, it tends to move off the spot in question.

Any ideas anyone ?

  Technotiger 07:37 05 Aug 2007

If it has a ball underneath, have you removed the ball and scraped the gunk off the rollers inside?

  Graham. 09:19 05 Aug 2007

If optical, try on a different surface.

  Diemmess 09:53 05 Aug 2007

From no knowledge.....?
A fault in the mouse circuitboad?

I imagine (perhaps quite wrongly) that there is a timebase running whenever the mouse is live, and this is very slightly out of synch. with the rest.

So deliberate mouse movements (which are relatively coarse) are detected as normal.
However the base against which the movements are measured, is not stable hence the drift.

(Its a lovely day I think I will go outside!!)

  Derek 10:18 05 Aug 2007

Thank you Technotiger - a new mouse and there's no fluf anyway but thanks.
Thanks Graham, Sorry, not optical.
And many thanks to Die, I'll take on board what you've said and act on it, meanwhile enjoy the oputside.

Regards to all.

  Chris the Ancient 11:49 05 Aug 2007

Can you borrow a 'simple' mouse from anyone/anywhere to eliminate the mouse?

In simple terms, a mouse with a rollball has two shafts, 90 degrees from each other. On the end of the shaft is a (simplistically) an encoder to tell that the shaft is revolving, and in which direction. From the two directions, the pointer knows where to go.

A couple of ideas.

Is your mouse in the sunlight? That creeping between the joints can affect the encoding (though it usually makes the mouse just 'freeze'.

Have a look in google with a search of "crazy mouse".

But, first, I would try another mouse to eliminate the current one.

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