Mouse getting arthritic?

  polymath 20:03 17 Apr 2003

My traditional Genius Easy mouse PS/2 has been fine for 2 years or so, but will now often only move up & down, not from side to side. (about every other time I use it).

I've had it right open, several times, and cleaned it thoroughly & carefully, including the slotted wheels. It doesn't seem to make any difference, though everything's moving freely.

Are there settings etc. I could try, or is it time to pension it off?

(Win 98SE)

  Forum Editor 20:26 17 Apr 2003

to wear on the rollers, or even a problem with the driver.

After two years of use I think a mouse might be due for replacement - mine don't last that long. It all depends on the use it gets.

  -pops- 20:32 17 Apr 2003

I thoroughly recommend the M$ Intellimouse Explorer (also in anothe current thread). Used it hard every day for two years and still going strong. No balls and things to get bunged up.


  polymath 13:20 19 Apr 2003

Correction; when I said it'll only move up & down, I meant the pointer, not the mouse itself (which does move ok). Sorry!

Thanks, FE and -pops-. I think roller wear's the most likely, as it gets lots of use. And the pointer can be freed (eventually!) by lots of scrambling anound the mat at odd angles; so it does look like a mechanical problem.

I'll look at that thread re M$ Intellimouse Explorer. Thanks again.

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