Mouse for gaming & monitor.

  bukkaz 04:59 19 Nov 2004

Son plays online games quite a lot. Mouse is playing up so I said I would buy him a new one. Any recommendations? Are the multi button ones any good for gaming. also for gaming would you recommend USB mouse over wireless?
He is also on about wanting to upgrade to TFT. I have heard on here that CRT monitors better for gaming. Any opinions?

  ACOLYTE 09:21 19 Nov 2004

I would go for CRT,just my own preferance,others may disagree,wouldnt go for anything smaller than 17" screen,19" or bigger if you can get one,as for the mouse i would stick with a ps2 mouse and go for a optical one rather than one with a mouse ball lots better for gaming and no messy mouse ball to clean,also go for one with a scroll wheel,invalubale to gamers,the button number doesnt much matter as most games nowdays use the keyboard pretty much for every think so a 2 button optical mouse with scroll wheeel should suit ok.

  ACOLYTE 09:21 19 Nov 2004

Should have said u can also use the scroll wheel as a third button 2.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:37 19 Nov 2004

TFT monitors used to be shunned (maybe still are?) by the gaming fraternity because the early screens had slow response times which could lead to 'ghosting'.

Things are better now, but for seriously high resolutions CRT still is the only way to go. Bear in mind that only extremely fast pcs can run games at these resolutions at a respectable frame rate.
I use a TFT for gaming and despite the above much prefer the image quality and lack of glare.

Also it is recommended to run the TFT at it's 'native' resolution - ie the advertised resolution. (I don't think you go higher than this anyway.

Regarding mice - my preference for gaming is an optical trackball - I get much better control especially on games where the mouse and keyboard are used in conjunction (eg FPS)

  @[email protected]!c 09:37 19 Nov 2004

hello bukkaz...i personaly use a logitech mx310 optical mouse for has 5 programable buttons on it so you can assign keyboard control keys to it and i find it realy good for gaming..regards monitor..i know people with tft monitors and i prefer crt .there probably is a good tft monitor to buy for gaming but i assume it will cost big bucks...regards karl

  bukkaz 18:21 19 Nov 2004

Thanks everybody. Already have 17" Belinea CRT which I'm happy with for what I do so may as well keep that for his gamingfor time being. Haven't got a PS2 connection so will stick with USB as I understand you can lose a fraction of a secondwith wireless connection.

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