Mouse freezing

  heavymetalkid 23:33 12 Dec 2005

I've just got a brand new Evesham computer, trouble is,the mouse keeps freezing on the screen. The first mouse I had was wireless: This was ok for 24 hours then it began to freeze completely. If I unplugged it and replaced in the USB socket it would work. However it would freeze again although sometimes it would be ok for 24 hours.
They sent me then a wired keyboard and, for a few days I thought this had cured the fault. However, now it has begun to freeze again. Sometimes it lasts for a couple of days, but other times it freezes every few minutes. Can anyone help?

  Jaro 23:50 12 Dec 2005

try to reinstal the mouse drivers. go to start, control panel, system, hardware, device manager find the mise and other devices. click on plus mark. than right click on ps/2 compactible mouse and uninstal it. than you have to turn the pc off and on. the drivers will install again. maybe it will help to solve the prob.

the think is there could be another software installed on you pc that can cause the prob. if the uninstall wont work it may well be some other software conflicting with the mouse drivers.

  Jaro 23:51 12 Dec 2005

i forgot first make the system restor point so u can always roll back the system if anythink go wrong.

  badhair1963 06:53 13 Dec 2005

Right click on your task bar to bring up the task manager. Check that you don't have a program which is hogging the processor. If you do, try terminating it and see if that makes the mouse work any better. Also scan for viruses and spyware.

  heavymetalkid 10:24 13 Dec 2005

Bad hair...did that...nothing there. Just contacted Evesham. They've already changed the original mouse and keyboard from a wireless to a wired, Didn't cure it. Now they are sending another one....a Logitech keyboard and mouse they want me to try. Anyone know if this will help?

  woodchip 10:29 13 Dec 2005

Two things to try in this order, first right click empty desktop\Properties\Settings\Advanced\Performance, you will see a slider move it down a notch at a time to test, if it works. Try updating your Graphics Driver.

  woodchip 10:33 13 Dec 2005

PS Evesham are pointing you in the wrong direction. They should know better. Try the Above. If you drop the slider this will slow down games a bit

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