Mouse failing for unknown reason

  K4i 19:49 29 Dec 2007

I have had a lot of trouble with the computer i have just built (it was ment to be ready for christmas however it is still not done yet).

The first problem i had was that i was unable to restart my computer, although i am unsure whether that problem is fully resolved yet but that is irrelevant. My main problem at the moment is that i have installed windows and as it loads onto my desktop but my mouse and keyboard remain motionless. I am unable to press control, alt, delete nor can i click the start menu of the computer. However when i installed windows there was no problem with the keyboard, (i didnt bother with using the mouse but it worked fine on my previous computer). Neither the mouse or the keyboard are anyting special but i have experianced no problems with them in the past.

Any help will be apreciated


  Gongoozler 08:18 30 Dec 2007

Hi K4i. I wonder if your various problems are as unconnected as you think. The keyboard should work even without an operating system installed. Can you get into the BIOS setup during the computer boot-up - usually by pressing the "Del" key?

  Diemmess 08:49 30 Dec 2007

Stating the obvious, but have you swopped the mouse and keyboard sockets at the back of the computer?

  K4i 11:14 30 Dec 2007

Gongoozler - yes i can get to the BIOS via the the delete key, this is why i find the problem so strange, it allows me to use the keyboard in BIOS setup but once in the operating system i cant do any thing. My previous problem is that i could not restart my computer, i got a bloke to come and look at it and he suggested flash BIOS or faulty motherboard. Could this be to do with a faulty motherboard?

Diemmess- Yes i have tried swapping the sockets for the mouse and keyboard, any other suggestions?


  Diemmess 16:02 30 Dec 2007

If you can reach the BIOS and use the keyboard it isn't a keyboard fault.

"Flashing the Bios" is a black art, more talked about than executed and shouldn't be necessary anyway.

Is the computer all new components, and which OS are you using?
What might help while in the BIOS and with a new computer, is to reset the BIOS to the Factory defaults.

Since you can get into Windows, have you tried Safe Mode?

If the mouse works in safe mode, then it must be something to do with Windows installation.

Anyway try booting from the Windows CD and select Repair.

  Gongoozler 16:29 30 Dec 2007

You have had a lot of trouble with this computer, and you have had to flash the BIOS to get it working. I've built many computers using a variety of motherboards and have never had to flash the BIOS to get one working. Try the ideas suggested by Diemmess, but I suspect that you will end up having to change the motherboard.

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