Mouse cursor problems

  geoff47 01:17 09 Nov 2005

I am having a problem while browsing the web.
With no warning the cursor disappears,I wait and wiggle the mouse,sometimes you can loose where the cursor is,but it just is not there.
Everything is ok after using ctrl/alt delete to restart.I have cleaned the mouse as I thought this might have been the problem but with no luck.
Using win98 and Firefox ...any suggestions?

  AndySD 01:54 09 Nov 2005

Try updating/reinstalling the mouse drivers. post the make and model of the mouse (it should say on the bottom) here if you need help finding them.

  geoff47 02:32 09 Nov 2005

I did try updating the drivers ....first thing I said the best drivers are in use already I did clean it first...sorry.
Its a Intellimouse 12APS/2 compatible...if my eyes dont decieve me.
Should I just get a new mouse? they are cheap enough...the simple ones are anyway.

  AndySD 03:19 09 Nov 2005

Try downloading and installing the intellipoint 5.3 driver click here

  geoff47 10:53 09 Nov 2005

Should I uninstall previous drivers or what?
Is here a correct sequence,or could I cause myself greater problems?

  Chegs ® 11:06 09 Nov 2005

Been there,when I was using 98se.I found my pointer most often misbehaved in the top left quarter of the screen.I swapped drivers around,reinstalled 98se,and even bought another mouse.The new mouse worked fine for awhile,then the same problem occurred.I could only locate the pointer by clicking a button on the mouse,this eventually led to several occasions where the webpage was closed,extremely annoying if I'd just typed a big long response to a thread. :-)

I think it was caused by the graphics card driver,but I never completely sussed this problem out,just recollect that it started after updating graphics.(it might have been Nero too,as I said,I never truely worked out the problem)

  geoff47 21:14 09 Nov 2005

Dont know if I should thank you or not Chegs....any advance on how I should go about the drivers...uninstall then install new ones or just install the new ones?
I thought messing about could cause more problems.

  woodchip 21:16 09 Nov 2005

Just try deleting the Mouse in Device Manager then Restart comp

  geoff47 01:48 10 Nov 2005

The trouble with my problem is that it happens erratically....I have had it occur maybe three times...and cannot replicate it to see if any fix has solved it.
I have done as Woodchip said and it was reinstalled as normal without asking any all I can do is wait until it happens again to know if it has been sorted out or not......hopefully it wont happen again.
So when do I tick...I am an eternal optimist?

  Das Boot 06:34 10 Nov 2005

I had this problem to solve it open control panel click on the mouse go to the hardware tab click on properties click on advanced settings and up the sample rate to 200.

Rock ON.

  geoff47 03:22 11 Nov 2005

I have not suffered for several days now so it must have been sorted.

I did as woodchip suggested deleting mouse in control panel and rebooting.
Only time will tell though.
Many thanks

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