Mouse clicks delayed action by 4-5 seconds

  Dannyb 21:33 06 Apr 2007

Just lately I have had a problem of opening web pages. They appear to open normally yet, when I click on anything on them or start to type anything onto a page there is always a delay of 4-5 seconds before the click takes effect or the writing appears. I have tried disabling my spyware programmes but it made no difference. It is getting very annoying. It's as if the page has not finished loading properly, yet the blue bar has gone and the whole page is visible. I use Firefox v. and have Windows XP. Any help would be appreciated.

  Kate B 21:42 06 Apr 2007

Try uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, for starters. Does the same thing happen if you use another browser, like IE7 or Opera?

  woodchip 22:16 06 Apr 2007

Are you using Wireless and optical input devices?

  Dannyb 22:22 06 Apr 2007

I am woodchip. Also, Kate B, I've just uninstalled and re-installed Firefox, it does seem better, but not as slick as it once was.

  woodchip 22:31 06 Apr 2007

First check all the batteries are OK, If you have had them a while it may be a faulty failing battery, one or more of them. If that does not fix it Go to device manager and remove only one at a time as you need something to reboot with when you do it. When you remove the mouse, you need to use Keyboard to shut down with. Use Alt and underlined letters in Menu. Plus the Windows key brings up shut down, then use Tab and enter. After reboot they will be reinstalled and may correct the Problem

  Kate B 23:03 06 Apr 2007

What happens if you use another browser?

  Dannyb 07:59 07 Apr 2007

IE7 seems ok

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