Mouse behaving strangely and other problems...

  al7478 15:54 17 Nov 2008

Sorry, i havent exactly get teh esscence across in my title.

Every so often i get the odd problem with unpredictable behaviour when i click the mouse - songs playing when i just click them once, website tabs opening/closing seemingly at will when i intended to do something else. Howeve, it usually passes quite quickly for no aparent reason. I've had a spell recently which has carried on tho. , and got worse.

Also, perhaps relatedly, of course, Avast keeps reporting a win32 trojan (i mentioned this in a recent thread on AVG, as i thought it was a false positive, and i sort of still do, but that remains to be seen), and, when i use Spybot, it stops mid scan and gives the message:

"Problems in include file C:/programme files/spybot_search_destroy/includes\Trojans
see includer errors log"

I have also scanned with Housecall, and it found, and seemingly deleted, various cookies and a trojan. Ran c cleaner also.

If anyone has any thoughts I'd be most grateful for them.

  al7478 16:09 17 Nov 2008

Apologies all. I had the feeling id missed something, and have just realised i didnt really mention the "other problems".

This is possibly coincidental, but IE has also "developed a problem" and needed to close a couple of times, and programmes have "failed to respond" a handful of times too, in the last couple of weeks.

  Sea Urchin 18:16 17 Nov 2008

It sounds like you have some major problems. I would suggest downloading and updating SuperAntiSpyware from

click here

and also Malwarebytes from

click here

Run them both in safe mode, and remove anything they find

  al7478 18:42 17 Nov 2008


I've just installed them and will reboot into safe mode now and do full scans with both, and reprt back later.

  al7478 22:28 17 Nov 2008

OK, the first scan just threw up a couple of cookies, but the Malwarebytes scan showed a trojan (helpfully, when i rebooted, the log of it was gone). Vorg, Zorb, something like that.

Early indications are that the problems persist.

  Sea Urchin 22:49 17 Nov 2008

Probably Zlob - try following this procedure using RogueFix, and you will notice it uses another scan by Malwarebytes - the combination should get rid of it. Follow it exactly, and then at the bottom right of the page click on Next to find how to clean up after an infection.

click here

  al7478 22:59 17 Nov 2008

Yes i think it was Zlob. just had a quick read about it. quite worying.

  al7478 02:34 18 Nov 2008

OK ive followed your link. I looked at the clean up after...section, and frankly most of it seemed a bit beyond me, but i did run ccleaner, and i deleted the restore points, tho that was probably a silly idea under the circumstances.

Also, one of the things it asks you to download, when you run it, just asks you if you want to open a folder, so i let it. it was empty.

I'm running another avast scan as we speak, ill report back tommorrow.

  al7478 03:23 18 Nov 2008

the avast sccan didnt seem to take as long as it has in recent times, and it didnt stop with a warning about that win32 virus i mentioned, both of which i guess are good.

it threw up alist at teh end (always does) of things it hadnt deleted, saying that some were passport protected. Must admit im lost there.

  al7478 04:00 18 Nov 2008

It just occurred to me to try a spybot scan and before it started i got a BSOD.

when i got the machine back on, some of my desktop icons had moved.

thats quite spooky and worrying.

  al7478 17:55 18 Nov 2008

I've only had the computer on very briefly today so far but strange things are still happenning with the mouse. No BSOD or crashes of any kind yet tho.

Maybe a full re-install is on the cards. Tho i have wondered if changing teh keyboards batteries would help, or if theres any problem with the sensor (the batteries in the mouse are still fairly new).

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