Mouse batteries

  hawthorn59 01:22 07 May 2005

Hi all.

Can anyone tell me how long on average the batteries in a wireless mouse should last? I have a Belkin mouse and the battries only seem to last a few weeks. I took the first mouse back as it was acting strangely but the 2nd Belkin does the same thing! When I change the batteries its ok for a while. Surely they should last longer than this!!?? I use the laptop about 1-2 hours a day at most.

Also, even when the mouse is working it regularly (the cursor) jumps off the screen or moves to a totally different place. It is so snnoying!



  Meshuga 07:14 07 May 2005

I have a logitech wireless mouse and my batteries last about two/three months with daily use of 4 hours on average. You should use the highest powered alkaline batteries you can get. Alternatively get a charger and rechargeable batteries.

  GRFT 07:48 07 May 2005

I have an A4 Tech mouse and the 2xAAA alkaline batteries only require to be replaced every 7 or 8 months. The last pair were installed 01/12/04 and still performing fine.

  Pooke100 09:50 07 May 2005

i had 3 replacement from belkin! to keep it short, they absolutely rubbish. PCworld girl told me to get a refund AS they had loads of em returned. As for batteries I'd recommend getting duracell M3 type. Higher mA so they'll last longer.

You should be getting longer than a few weeks, some mice like MS explorer mice boast 3 MONTHS minimum.

  pinnicat 10:34 07 May 2005

Oh this is familiar...I have a BENQ cordless which behaved the same, the erratic cursor behaviour had me convinced that my desktop had been hi-jacked first time it happened. I must admit I got more than a couple of hours out of it, but increased it's life by upping my batteries to 2000ma.and now get around six month....more if i take batteries out at night. But if it don't work to requirment...take it back.

  Arnie 12:24 07 May 2005

About 3 weeks ago I purchased a Logitech cordless Click! Plus Optical Mouse. The supplied Duracell batteries lasted 3 weeks before the battery warning flag popped up. Logitech recommend using the mouse on a white background, as opposed to multi coloured or dark backgrounds for longer battery life. I now use rechargeable 1800mAhr NiMH batteries.
Another way of extending battery life is to use the up/down keys on the keyboard to scroll and generally keep your hands off the mouse unless it is needed. I am now a bit more disciplined regarding this.

I agree with you Pooke100 I am using a Belkin wireless keyboard with no problems but I dumped the mouse after a short while.

  €dstowe 13:47 07 May 2005

We upgraded our machines to MS cordless keyboards and mice just over a year ago. We have it scheduled to change the batteries in both every six months or when necessary.

There has been no problem with early battery failure with any of the seventeen setups.

I should say that these systems work very hard.

  Arnie 14:06 07 May 2005

Thanks for this posting €dstowe. I will see how I get on with my NiMH rechargeables, but I will keep in mind The MS products for future purchase.

BTW. Are the ones you use optical or ball type?
I find in general optical ones tend to use more battery power.

  €dstowe 14:18 07 May 2005

They are optical. To save power the mice are always parked on a dark surface. This puts the sensor light into a low power mode. It seems that if you park the mouse on white, or worse, glass, it spends a lot of power looking for a surface to latch on to. This effect is easy to see by the light leaking around the edges.

  bretsky 14:58 07 May 2005

Same as €dstowe, MS cordless optical mouse & keyboard, I too used to use the rechargeable batteries and found them a load of rubbish, only lasting 3/4 weeks max, now use AA MN 1500 Duracell batteries which I changed 6 months ago from the rechargeable ones, and they are still going strong, I use the PC on average, 5/6 hours daily!

bretsky ;0)

  hawthorn59 16:10 07 May 2005

Thanks all for reply. I am using fairly cheap batteries i have to admit. But this time they start to go after a few days...or at least the mouse refuses to work, then takes a notion and works on and off for a while...! I wonder is it the batteries at all?

And can anyone help with mouse cursor going wild? Should I post seperately? Last night I was playing online solitaire, and both cursor and cards if I had them selected, kept flying off the desktop! It a pain in the you know where!


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