Mouse, and arthritis

  Andsome 09:05 27 Dec 2006

For some time now I have been getting pain in my right hand, due possibly to arthritis or rheumatism, and am convinced that a small computer mouse does not help matters. I have found on line a Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel. It seems to be designed for people with this problem. My existing set up is a TRUST cordless mouse and keyboard. They both share a common receiver, and the lead from this splits into two plugs, one is pale green and the other is a lilac colour, these plug into two small round sockets into the back of the computer. My fear is that I may get conflicts, as I cannot uninstall the mouse drivers separately from the keyboard drivers. The link below shows the mouse in question, plus several reviews. The general opinion seems to be that I would not have to install the mouse drivers, as it would work with Windows drivers. If I unplug the existing mouse plug, leaving the keyboard connected, will this give me any problems? Will the new mouse plug into the small plug socket in place of the old one, or will I need a USB adaptor? Has anyone had any experience of this particular rodent? Are there any sensibly priced alternatives which could be recommended for my problem? I don't really want to buy a new keyboard as well. The prices for this product appears to vary wildly, but the link is to what appears to be the best price, and also the reviews which I mentioned.

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  kikuta 09:41 27 Dec 2006

One toption of course is to get a new keyboard, as that sounds like a pretty old setup - you wont find any new keyboards working into a plug connection like that now (unless im mistaken) virtually all are plug and play and go through a usb port.

If you have USB ports on your computer, just get a new keyboard and mouse. If you only wantthe trackman, then you should be alright anyway - have a look at the details and see if it is plug and play enabled. I dont think you will get confilcts.

  eedcam 18:42 27 Dec 2006

I use a roller ball mouse find it better if the ball is on top than on the side.Reason you can vary which finger which in turn alters the wrist angle . If its on the side you can only use the thumb. If you have usb it should'nt be a problem I had 3 mice connected at once could use either one

  [email protected] 20:41 27 Dec 2006

Common problem with lots of people is: Leaving the right (or left) hand "cocked" over the mouse all the time. Try removing it when you have asked the PC to do something which will take couple of minutes. Another option is a mouse-mat with a raised portion on which you rest your wrist - highly recommended.
Roller ball is also a good idea with the gel mouse mat I mentioned.

  Belatucadrus 21:20 27 Dec 2006

click here Heard good things about these, though I've never used one.

  woodchip 22:03 27 Dec 2006

It will work OK as you say. I know as I have done it. The Small round plugs are PS/2 You can use ether a USB or PS/2 mouse and windows will set the drivers up for it. If it's a USB then windows sets up a Hid compliant mouse

  citadel 22:09 27 Dec 2006

a chair with arms suitable to rest your forearm on is a big help.

  Andsome 08:00 28 Dec 2006

Thanks folks, I now have food for thought, the wrist rests look useful, and would save money.

  jack 09:08 28 Dec 2006

I find a track ball preferable to the ubiquitous mouse- my one is a Microsoft branded, USB device but very similar to the Logitech one you mention.
I also have a standard PS2 mouse plugged in via a KVA switch as a standby, also to use when I have a 'patient' computer to attend to
Go for it , depending on the nature of your particular arthritis ,it should be a benefit to you.

  Kate B 10:33 28 Dec 2006

A wrist rest is a good idea if you tend to plonk your wrists on the table when you're typing. If you were taught to touch-type properly you'll hold your arms and hands at right angles to your upper arms.

Another thing that's terribly important is posture - you need to be higher than you think and your eyeline shouldn't be too low.

I've got small hands and I hate having my hand claw around a big mouse - I've found the best mouse for my hand is the Mac Mighty Mouse as it's fairly flat, but it's personal preference.

Google RSI and posture and you'll find some useful stuff. RSI is very serious - I've seen people with careers and lives badly affected by it.

  Andsome 09:01 29 Dec 2006

I ordered the rodent from Amazon, taking delivery charges from elsewhere into account, they were the cheapest overall. I have had an e mail to the effect that it has already been dispatched. Excellent service.

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