Mouse with 4 pin socket plug

  Carol Ann 22:55 29 May 2003

I am responsible for DSE Health and Safety checks in my office. A colleague is suffering from a problem with her wrists, and while looking at an auction site last week I came across what seemed to be a good idea. It is a mouse which adjusts in length to fit a larger hand, and was recommended for this type of problem. The auction narrative stated that the mouse had a 4 pin socket plug, and I naively thought that it would be OK. The mouse in question is called a Whale Mouse.

When the mouse arrived (extremely quickly) I of course didn't have a suitable socket to attach the mouse to my PC. I e-mailed the vendor and his reply was 'YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO GET A ADAPTER FOR IT,I WOULD ASK AT YOUR LOCAL PC WORLD.

I know it is my fault that I have bought something that does not fit, but wondered if anyone out there knows of a suitable adaptor that I could buy to convert the 4 pin socket to a PS2?

I thought I had a bargain, and if my husband finds out that I have bought a completely useless item he will not let me forgetit for a long time!!!

Hope someone out there may have an answer for me.



  DieSse 23:06 29 May 2003

Ah - is this it? click here I suspect you have it with a USB connector.

No problem - you can plug it straight into a USB port - or you can get an adapter USB to PS/2 from any local computer shop - just take it in with you and explain what you want.

  Carol Ann 23:14 29 May 2003


Yes that is the mouse, but it isn't a USB connector. It is a round connector the same size and shape as a PS2 connector, with 4 pins. There is a sort of rectangular shaped pin where you would normally get the other 2 pins on a PS2 connector. Am I making sense?


its a MAC mouse, i'm afraid its very unlikely that you will get a converter, wish i could say otherwise sorry

  Carol Ann 23:42 29 May 2003


Thanks for your reply.

I have just looked on the bottom of the mouse, and there is a sticker which says MAC OS. Although the box says IBM and MAC compatible.

I suppose it is my fault for buying from an auction, although in fairness this is the first time I have had my fingers burnt.

Live and Learn.


  ton 00:01 30 May 2003

Do you have an old mouse? Cut off the cable, cut the plug off the 'whale' and join the cable. Or maybe you might know someone who could connect the cable inside the whale.

  jazzypop 00:03 30 May 2003

click here for a MAC ADB to PC PS/2 convertor - an eye-watering £102!

Can you just confirm that it is a MAC ADB connector? click here and scroll to near the bottom of the page

  Carol Ann 00:20 30 May 2003


Not sure about how I would go about joining two cables together, but I suppose at this stage I haven't got a lot to lose have I!!

Only £102!!!

Thanks jazzypop!! I think I might pass on that one as the blinkin mouse only cost me £2.50!!
(Not such a bargain was it)

But you are absolutely spot on. It is a MAC ADB connector. The picture is exactly right.

Maybe there is someone out there in MAC User land who might buy the mouse in an auction - correctly described this time. Providing they haven't all upgraded,as this type of connection looks like an older one.

Thank you all for your help - and so quickly.


  DieSse 00:33 30 May 2003

There are some cheaper converters out there, but even then the same mouse at the regular price, with a PS/2 - USB connector would be little or no dearer.

You may be interested in this test report though, which says users found the device more uncomfortable than a standard mouse 8though maybe less likely to produce RSI. click here

  DieSse 00:42 30 May 2003

But how about this click here or this click here or this click here

or a trackball.

Put ... ergonomic mouse ... into a Google search, and you will get a whole pile of suggestions.

  ton 00:46 30 May 2003

I wondered if you have seen the 'mouse bean'. It fixes on the rear of any mouse and would do a similar thing to the 'whale'. I have been using one for several months and find it comfortable. click here

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