Motive Smartbridge

  Pesala 14:48 29 Aug 2004

I recently started getting error messages on closing down Windows: "Motivesb has cause an error in Kernel32.dll" so I looked up Motivesb in Google. This page recommends removing it, so I ran msconfig and removed it from the startup tab.

I'm curious to know how it got into my system, as I haven't noticed it before, and it is a long time since I installed Broadband Medic or any other broadband software.

  Pesala 14:49 29 Aug 2004
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 29 Aug 2004

Quote "this task regularly communicates information back to the ISP without, in most cases, the user ever having been informed"

Sounds like its come from your ISP when you installed the connection software.

  Wak 15:07 29 Aug 2004

I have also noticed this program on my computer ever since I loaded "Broadband Medic" which is a help program supplied by NTL.
I got the error notice on close down and unticked Motive Smartbridge from the Start-up list in msconfig.
That seems to have solved the problem for now.

  Pesala 17:11 29 Aug 2004

though I installed it ages ago.

I just tried running Broadband Medic, and it immediately downloaded content from the server.

  Wak 10:01 30 Aug 2004

I have just removed Broadband medic from my system and it also removed Smartbridge so they are definitely connected. It was a rubbish program anyway in my opinion.
I preferred the old CorrectConnect as you could see what was connecting and what wasn't.

  Pesala 10:12 30 Aug 2004

Only trouble is, if you have lost your connection and need help, how can you use it? {*o*}

I have found it helpful in the past. At least it is easier to talk to a support technician via email than on the phone. Since one doesn't need to have it running all the time, it is no problem.

I used to use correct connect in the same way. I only started it if I had a problem to check out. Now I just use a shortcut to ping the BBC (C:\WINDOWS\PING.EXE click here) which tells me as much as Correct Connect ever did, i.e. the connection is working/not working.

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