Motheroard or Processor?

  Shatter25 13:07 19 Oct 2007

I built a new computer 3 months ago with 510W PSU, GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R mobo, Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz processor and New Corsair XMS2-6400 2GB DDR2 800 TWIN2X2048 RAM on Windows XP. Its worked great in the 3 months, I have barely any software on it and I havent overclocked or anything on it.

Last night it would not get to even POST. I get no BIOS info on the screen before it shuts off, then after less then 5 seconds of it being on it would shut off, then restart. It would repeat this cycle off and on over and over until I shut off the power supply never getting to even a BIOS message.

I ruled out power supply(put it in my wifes computer and it worked fine) and when I plugged my wifes power supply into mine I got the same shutdown cycling. Then I pulled the RAM and tried hers, same thing. I unplugged everything except the power, processor and motherboard and it still kept repeating the shutdown cycle. To rule out a short I pulled the board and tried again out of the case, same shutdown cycling. This leads me to believe its mobo or processor. I am getting no beeps at all when I start it. I did decide to pull the processor from the board and start it(I know it wont boot without the processor in) and like this it doesnt boot obviously but it also no longer repeats the shutdown cycles.

I am assuming I will have to replace the board and possibly chip(Ill try board first), can anyone think of something im missing>?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 19 Oct 2007

then after less then 5 seconds of it being on it would shut off

Sounds like an overheat problem with the CPU,

Remove old thermal paste and fit new
Instructions for reapplying thermal paste :

1) Make sure you have the following :
Thermal Paste - I recommended Arctic Silver 5 or similar
Isopropyl Alcohol
A clean lint free cloth (coffee filter or lens cleaning cloth are good)

2) First you need to clean both the cpu & the base of the heatsink using the isopropyl & the lint free cloth. Make sure you remove all traces of the old thermal compound. Only pick up the cpu by holding the sides - do not touch the top after you have cleaned it & do not touch the pins at any time. Do not touch the underside of the heatsink after cleaning either.

3) Insert the cpu back into the motherboard - check first that no pins are bent & make sure you insert the cpu the right way round. Lower the lever to lock into place.

4) Place a blob (the size of one uncooked grain of rice) of the thermal paste on to the top of the cpu, in the middle.

5) Lower the heatsink straight down on to the cpu. Once in place, twist the heatsink very slightly (ie clockwise & counterclockwise) a couple of times then clip the heatsink into place.

After installing the cpu etc, try the following:
1) Unplug the PSU power cables from the motherboard

2) Disconnect ALL drive cabling from the motherboard. Unplug any external devices except for the monitor & keyboard

3) Locate the jumper header CLRCMOS0 again but this time place a jumper cap over the 2 pins. (Nick one from somewhere else on the board if you need to, just remember to return it again afterwards) Leave in plave for 30 seconds, then remove the jumper.

4) Reconnect the power (20 pin ATX connector & the 4 pin ATX12V connector) & try to boot up again

5) If still no luck, then disconnect power & remove ALL ram modules. Reconnect power & boot up. Listen for beeps & let me know if you hear any. (Make sure the internal speaker is connected to the motherboard first)

What was the last thing that happened before the system stopped working?

  keef66 13:57 19 Oct 2007

is the cpu cooling fan spinning as fast as it should?

  Shatter25 14:09 19 Oct 2007

I did remove the battery and tried the jumper method to reset, no effect. I highly doubt its a heat issue as I regularly monitored the heat in the system and I already was using Arctic Silver Thermal. I have a good case with 3 large fans for cooling and I was not overclocking which would cause an increase in heat.

When I got home I turned the computer on and left it. When I went back it was stuck at the windows boot screen and was locked up. Once I turned it off and restarted it it began this on / off cycling.

I did take everything off the motherboard including DVD, HD, Video, etc. I stripped it down to only Mobo, processor, PSU and it was still doing it with only these 3 itmes connected. While it was doing this on / off cycling the fans do work however but they turn off and on as the computer does. I did remove the RAM and I get no beeps with or without RAM in the board, everything I tried last night there was no beeps coming from it.

  keef66 14:59 19 Oct 2007

I think then that the title of your thread says it all; since you've eliminated the psu, it's either the cpu or the mobo, and you'll only find out which by replacing one of them.

Do you know somebody with a core 2 duo system you could drop your cpu into?

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