conrail 21:36 26 May 2003

can someone advise on what make/model/type of motherboard I will need, have an old 486 upgraded to 166 and 1 of my sons so called friends took the cover off and fried the video card by trying to remove it, I believe he was trying to steal it but cannot prove this, have bought a new card but looks more serious as monitor working ok but have black screen with 1 bar of each primary colour and a message saying check card, have tried card in my machine and working fine so asume it is the m/b

rather than chasing an auld motherboard which could be hard to find and expensive, look in your local free-ads paper, pentium(586) machines sell for about £100. and you could put your old hard drive in as a slave and save all your files

  conrail 21:04 27 May 2003

computer about 6 years old, was top of the range 486, upgraded to 166 after about 1 year, in last year have installed dvd/cdrw, new sound car, new floppy, 40 Gb HD and now purchased new video card so don't want to but another system if poss, just need to know where to get a new motherboard and what type recomended, just for son to play roller coaster tycoon and other sim programes so don't need top of the range although appreciate your suggestion horiz5

  Gongoozler 21:28 27 May 2003

Hi conrail. It's a sad fact of computer life that last years top of the range computer spec is this years entry level. I really don't think you will find a 586 style motherboard anywhere except in a dark forgotten corner of a computer shop. My local computer shop click here often has second user Pentium 1 computers, but the current best buy is for HP Vectra VL P166 at £10, but this is really not a very good model for upgrading.

Considering how much you have already invested in your computer, it may be worth getting a new ATX case, motherboard and 1.3G Duron, then you will have a quite good spec computer.

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