motherboard/processor problem

  nobios 18:05 01 Feb 2006

My PC has stopped booting, there is no picure from the graphics card, no BIOS, nada

This happened when I was fixing another problem - i was constantly getting a BSOD with various error msgs, and had finally thought I had tracked the problem down to the processor overheating as the fan had got clogged with dust. So I removed the heatsink and cleaned it up. and put it all back together, booted and everything seemed to be fine. The box stayed up for a lot longer than usual so I thought I had solved the problem - I left my comp on and left the room to check it would stay up. When I returned, to my horror I was met blank (black) screen, and i noticed that the heatsink had fallen off the cpu, obviously i hadnt put it back on properley. doh!

I switched it off and on again and there was no picture on the screen - psu works, cpu fan spins up as does the hd, but i noticed there was no power to the pci slots as the nic did not light up, although the graphics card fan did spin up sometimes. I have since unplugged everything - memory, graphics, nic, hd, cd and cpu and cant get the system to make any beeps or anything.

So I think the problem lies with the mobo or the cpu - cpu looks ok, not burnt in any way, and i was suprised that the mobo was still powering the fans and the hd but not the pci slots. The only other thing I had thought is that the mobo might have been damaged when the heatsink fell on it.

Mobo is a msi ms-6380 k7t266Pro2 with a AMD athlon xp2000+ cpu. Does this sound like it could be solved by a replacement cpu or have I cooked the mother board too? Any help gratefully receieved.

  Skyver 18:17 01 Feb 2006

Sounds like the CPU has overheated.
The drives and fans will work off the 5v/12v supply from the PSU, with or without a working processor.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 01 Feb 2006

sounds like a fried CPU

  nobios 20:58 01 Feb 2006


so do the pci slots require a working cpu to function?

  Skyver 20:58 01 Feb 2006


  nobios 11:35 02 Feb 2006

any idea where i can source an athlon xp 2000+ cpu, i cant seem to find one?

  De Marcus™ 11:47 02 Feb 2006

Whilst your cpu is most likely a gonner, did you try clearing the bios before a reboot?

Put you cpu back in (with secured heatsink ;-) along with one stick of memory, clear the cmos and see if you can boot. If you still can't boot start searching the likes of ebay or small independent retailers for a new or faster cpu and then prepare to do the same for your motherboard, it could have caused some damage there also, perhaps a mobo bundle from the likes of click here

  Totally-braindead 11:48 02 Feb 2006

The processor is definately fried, it would blow within a second without a heatsink, fan and thermal paste. The motherboard I just don't know about. I had a look about and couldn't find a 2000 athlon except second hand, it may be easier to get a motherboard bundle, hopefully choosing one that can use your old memory click here

  keef66 14:16 02 Feb 2006

I have the very same mobo and an Athlon xp 2100+. Knowing how hot it gets I am sure you've cooked yours without the cooler.
6 months ago I was thinking about upgrading the cpu, but quickly gave up due to the fact that I couldn't find any new 266 fsb Athlons anywhere, and I'm not prepared to gamble on used stuff from Ebay.

I know it sounds wasteful dumping a (probably)functioning mobo, but as T-B says an upgrade bundle is probably the quickest and most cost effective way out of the situation.

In your position I'd take the opportunity to move to a socket 939 pci-express mobo with onboard lan and usb 2.0, all of which your current one lacks. Downside is you'd need a new graphics card and probably psu as well. And possibly faster ram to get the best from it.

  ed-0 16:24 02 Feb 2006

This may be worth a look. click here

Aluminium case, 2.4Ghz celeron, card reader, external cpu tweaker,external power supply. it should take your ram ( pc2100 0r pc2700). Drop the hard drive, cdrom and memory in. £109 very queit.

Downside is it does have onboard graphics but just a 4X AGP slot.

Got one last week, very good for the money.

  ed-0 16:29 02 Feb 2006

From the ECS website click here

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