Motherboard/Monitor Problem

  aschana 13:45 16 Dec 2004

Hi, could somebody please hlep me with this problem.
when i turn the computer on the monitor stays in standby mode.
could somebody please tell me a solution to this.
i recently put the motherboard speaker in, could that be the problem?

  aschana 20:37 16 Dec 2004

n e body help plz?

  canard 21:54 16 Dec 2004

Woodchip where are you?
My PC is at the repairers for same. Reading up about it suggests memory or power unit prob. If you're handy with the innards advice is to clean out dust, check connections and make sure the memory sticks are properly in their slots. All this is academic as I daren't open my tower! If the PC makes the post beeps correctly it's not the motherboard.

  gudgulf 22:09 16 Dec 2004

Could also be cpu or graphics card related.The best course of action is to try substituting components.For example putting a different graphics card in your pc or trying yours in someone elses pc.
At the very least try all the connections to your motherboard and hardware devices.You could very easily have dislodged one or more of them whilst working on your pc.Also do as canard suggests and remove/reseat your ram module(s) and check for build up of dust etc.Make sure your fans are running too.

That should keep you going for a bit!

ps Last time this happened to me it was a graphics card failure (and the time before that too)

  canard 22:10 16 Dec 2004

click here thread on next page with similar.

  woodchip 22:14 16 Dec 2004

If you "Put motherboard speaker in" and it stopped working. Though I do not know what you mean by that, Reverse what you did and try it.

  woodchip 22:16 16 Dec 2004

Do you mean that you connected the internal Computer Speaker? As you may have shorted the wrong pins with the speaker plug

  aschana 20:47 17 Dec 2004

hi, done everything above by the way and no luck :(
i mean the internal computer speaker, and i may ha blown it out as i did not know which way the polarity the internal speaker fitted in. the manual is rubbish, could this hav caused my problem?

  aschana 19:56 18 Dec 2004

do u think i need to buy a new cpu?

  canard 00:28 19 Dec 2004

My prob was graphics card near dead.

  woodchip 12:54 19 Dec 2004

The speaker will work OK any way round you put it, it just works better if you connect the right way. But if you connect to the wrong pins you may blow the Mobo. Or psu

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