motherboard/case compatablility

  lj7 22:27 07 Apr 2003

i am getting an AMD Athlon XP 2000+ with 256mb of DDR memory, a heatsink, a fan and a MSI MS-6712 KT3-V Motherboard. What cases does this motherboard work with?

  Gerrycan 22:38 07 Apr 2003

Most atx cases around £35 new from computer fairs

  woodchip 22:51 07 Apr 2003
  lj7 10:55 08 Apr 2003

do you know what models are compatable- can this motherboard fit in all ATX Cases?

  BurrWalnut 13:36 08 Apr 2003

Beware the "Micro Tower" or "Micro ATX" which is smaller than the ATX.

  lj7 13:56 08 Apr 2003


As BurrWalnut states, avoid anything with the word "Micro" and look for ATX and it will fit no problems.

All motherboards are now made to this standard and if it will not fit an ATX case it will state this quite obviousely on the website.

A word of advice, I have put together many PC's for people now, and in nearly all the better quality cases make for a better all round PC. I dont mean in performance terms, as even a cardboard box will work as a case with a bit of "Blue Peter Sticky tape" methodology, but what I mean is that the cheaper cases have the PCI slots "Stamped" and you then have to remove the covers by bending the cover back and ofrth untill it breaks off, sharp edges, ease of opening the case and tinny finnish all go to make your expensive and superfast components inside not seem such a pleasure when you skimp on the thing that you will sit and look at the most.

I forked out nearly £180 on a Lian Li Aliminuim case about two years ago (They are now about £100) and despite many modifications to the insides, I will not be changing it for a long while yet - it is simply great to work with and looks good too!

I dont suggest that you spend as much (unless of course you want to) but dont skimp either! You may live to regret doing so even if you are not a perfectionist!

Here is a selection of really good quality cases, but dont faint at the price!!

click here

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