motherboard wiring - HELP

  shwinglow 15:44 10 Dec 2007

I have recently changed my motherboard to test something out, now i want to connect my old motherboard, but i do not know a lot about computers and i have run into a problem, i cant connect the wiring correctly - the wires i have got is as follows:

2 pin lead POWER SW
2 pin lead RESET SW
2 pin lead POWER LED
2 pin lead HDDLED
3 pin lead POWER LED +

the pins on the board say:


but there is only 9 pins - 4 above 5 below, that means i have a lead over -

the only other pins i can see are a block of 5 - 3 above 2 below which says IRI

and a block of 2 pins with the word: CLRCMOS2

can anybody out there help me as to how i connect these wires to make my computer power up - thanking u in anticipation

  ambra4 16:21 10 Dec 2007

Please Note LED + / - Must be connected the correct way around, if not lighting just reverse the leads

2-pin lead POWER SW--------PWRBIN

2-pin lead RESET SW---------RESET

2- pin lead POWER LED------ PLED

2-pin lead HDDLED-----------HDLED

3- pin lead POWER LED +----Not used

If the 2- pin lead POWER LED------ PLED, not work try the 3- pin lead POWER LED + Power -

  DieSse 16:28 10 Dec 2007

PLED = Power Led

RESET = Reset Sw



PWRBIN (probably PWRBTN) = Power Sw

I would leave off the other3 pin power led lead for now - it's only a light anyway, so won't stop thw system switching on.

IRI? - probably Infra-Red connector

CLRCMOS2 - is to reset the CMOS settings

ONLY the Power Switch is required to switch the board on. It doesn't matter which way round you put the lead on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:42 10 Dec 2007

PLED....2 pin lead POWER LED
HDLED...2 pin lead HDDLED
PWRBIN..2 pin lead POWER SW
RESET...2 pin lead RESET SW

CLRCMOS2 = clear CMOS (resets BIOS to default settings) Do not touch

IRI could be two things socket to connect an infra red interface or IRIS "Integrated Raster Imaging System" you do not need to touch this either

What make model of board I sure we could find a picture.

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