Motherboard USB headers

  Malachor 09:42 29 Jan 2006

Does anyone know of any pci cards that have little internal headers for usb/ firewire etc like you would find on a fairly modern motherboard? I have bought a new case, and would like to make use of usb ports at the front, but my very old pentium 4 motherboard has no internal usb headers according to the manual. Thanks

  Gongoozler 10:40 29 Jan 2006

Hi Malachor. USB cards with pin headers are as rare as hens teath. I've been searching for the same without success. I think the problem is one of supply and demand. Modern motherboards all have pin headers so the expansion cards have no need for them. There is also the problem that there's no standard pin configuration for the headers. The nearest I've found are cards with an extra USB socket facing into the case, but I haven't found any with more than one socket. These are some examples click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

  Malachor 10:57 29 Jan 2006

thanks, i was beginning to come to the same conclusion, my motherboard does have usb 1.1 headers (with two sets of 5 pins or something like that, but it doesnt seem to work with the front plate, only a back plate which was provided wih the mobo. Thanks anyway.

  Gongoozler 11:05 29 Jan 2006

Malachor, if your motherboard has pin headers then they will work with front USB connectors. The problem is that the pin allocation isn't standard. The vitally important thing is to identify the 5V and 0V pins. If you get these wrong you could well ruin the motherboard and anything you plug into the USB socket. The D+ and D- need to be right, but you won't do any damage if you get them wrong. If the header socket to the front panel doesn't match the header pinning, then with careful use of a craft knife and fine pointed tool you sgould be able to reposition the socket inserts.

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