Motherboard upgrade.

  pub 07:50 12 Oct 2007

Hi,I want to upgrade my motherboard but I want to keep my existing hard drive.How easy is this and what problems could I expect?Any tips and information will be greatly accepted.

  johnnyrocker 07:54 12 Oct 2007

i think it does not matter what hard drive you use with a new board, of course i could be wrong.try a scan at click here


  keef66 10:51 12 Oct 2007

You want to upgrade the motherboard only? May I ask why?

Can be tricky finding one to accept all your current components. You have to consider:

CPU socket / compatibility
graphics card (AGP or PCI-express)
connectors from the psu (20 vs 24 pin)
hard drive and optical drive connectors (IDE or SATA)

  pub 13:20 12 Oct 2007

I meant to say motherboard and cpu etc. as I have only a 1.4ghz Pentium 4 processor with 512 mb of RAMBUS.

  umbongo(uk) 14:31 12 Oct 2007

pud as long as the motherboard has an ide connector and sata this should pretty much cover you as they are the connectors on motherboard your existing drive will connect to ,,note some motherboards do come with only sata connectors now ,these are mainly high end parts.

problem to expect ..none if your gonna do a reformat
and install windows again

adding an existing unformatted hdd to new build..
again this should also be fine but remember to put the new motherboard drivers on

you cant beat starting all over again and formatting this will be the cleanest way to install and eliminate any errors/driver conflicts you may encounter

  keef66 15:09 12 Oct 2007

Motherboard bundle is much more logical. (I particularly like the idea of a Novatech bundle since they assemble and test the mobo/ram/cpu/cooler.)

Most seem to be PCI-express, so if you have an agp graphics card that's a problem. You'll be shopping for a new graphics card, or looking for an older agp mobo bundle. (I'd recommend the PCI-express route)

Also many mobos now have just one IDE connector but loads of SATA, so if you have 2 IDE hard drives and 2 IDE optical drives, you're snookered.

If reusing your hard disk you may get away with a repair install, but personally I'd recommend a reformat and clean install. And don't forget to install the motherboard drivers.

  pub 06:58 13 Oct 2007

All seems reasonably easy so far , but I only have a disk for XP upgrade from windows 98/ME.Does this make any difference?Also what will happen when I first switch on?Do I need to go into DOS or anything ? If so how ?

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