motherboard upgrade

  KrisBall 10:28 18 Jun 2007

if I upgrade my current motherboard to a core duo, will I need to change anything else??? If so, what?

  RobCharles1981 11:33 18 Jun 2007

You will deffo have to change your Ram to DDR2 Speed, what Mobo are you planning to get? I prefer Am2 spec.

  Totally-braindead 11:52 18 Jun 2007

cattypuss I presume that you are a beginner as you posted in this area.
Buying a motherboard and processor isn't all that differcult what people seem to have problems with is picking the right memory, memory can be very tricky.
If this is the first time you have done anything like this then for a first build its simpler to get a motherboard bundle or a barebones bundle like these click here click here click here as examples theres cheaper and more expensive option if you wish. The big advantage with buyibg this way is usually its slightly cheaper thn buying the individual parts and you know that parts will work together ok.
Another company click here as a further example.
Please be aware that if you are considering using your old case you might need to upgrade the power supply particularly if you fit a fairly decent graphics card.

  Kate B 12:03 18 Jun 2007

You'll probably also have to reactivate Windows, and if your copy is an OEM one, there's a chance Microsoft won't let you do so, though I would have thought a phone call and a little begging might work.

  keef66 11:51 19 Jun 2007

You might find you need a new power supply too if yours either lacks some of the connectors for the PCI-express board, or won't supply enough power.

What else you might need will depend on what you're upgrading from. Do you currently have a separate graphics card, and if so, is it AGP or pci-express? If the former you'll need to replace it.

How many hard disks and optical drives do you have, and do they have IDE connectors?

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