Motherboard update

  DESNL 07:18 09 Jul 2007

My Motherboard is ASUS K8V-MX.
How can I update to support 1400 x 1050 resolutions required by my recently purchased Acer flat panel Monitor AL 2017?
Grateful for any help
Thasnks DESnl

  €dstowe 07:51 09 Jul 2007

Be VERY careful doing anything like updating motherboards.

It's all too easy for things to go disastrously wrong and you end up with a box of useless junk.

  crosstrainer 07:56 09 Jul 2007

Is limited to AGP support, you may be able to find a high end AGP card that will support the higher resoloution, but if not, and you change the Mobo, you will have to buy a new copy of your operating system, as Microsoft consider a Motherboard change to be a new PC.

  [email protected] 08:46 09 Jul 2007

What crosstrainer is not strictly true. Changing your mobo just means you have to reactivate your version of your operating system with Microsoft. This is a straight forward process.
Your best bet, if your knowledge of DIY is limited, is to buy a PCI Graphics Card and get someone to fit it for your. (I am assuming your PC is not a portable).
Fitting a PCI card yourself is relatively easy provided you follow the instructions to the letter. There is no need for a "high end" card as most will support the resolution you require. Be careful with your choice though, as some cards require their own power connection and you may not have sufficient spare connectors in your existing wiring loom.
You may be well advised to put it into the hands of someone who knows what they are doing - or - your local PC shop, but of course the latter will cost more ;-)

  hssutton 09:34 09 Jul 2007

My 20" monitor with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 runs quite happily on a Radion 9950 (AGP) 256mg ram, cost approx £40 click here

  [email protected] 09:44 09 Jul 2007

PS: Not many people go to such high resolutions as it makes everything too small. It's a personal thing of course and it depends on what you are doing but the usual size is 11.. X 8.. for normal use and perhaps 12.. X 10.. for games/graphics. There are exceptions.
Your post isn't really clear (no pun intended :-)
Are you saying your monitor's minimum resolution is 1400 X 1050 and you existing on-board graphics chip doesn't go that far? I would think your quoted figures are it's maximum and your existing graphics chip will indeed drive it at more usable resolutions just by changing your existing settings.
(From your Desktop right click and choose Properties > Settings then play around with what you are offered)

  DESNL 10:40 09 Jul 2007

Many thanks to you all. As regards wotbus, yes, I have tried Properties and setting change, and whilst indication goes up to 1400, when reverting it stays at 1250. Anyway no matter, as Monitor works but not as pronounced as it should be.

  crosstrainer 12:32 09 Jul 2007

Microsoft have decoded that the mobo is the component that requires a new copy of the os. Some people have been able to get around this by claiming that the board has blown, but that is the official line. "Changing the motherboard
Installing a replacement motherboard will change the IDE controller, and usually will mean that you change to a new, faster, processor. If the processor is one with a serial number (Pentium III), then you lose a third vote — including when you change to a processor with no serial number, such as an Athlon. If you also add RAM, or if the motherboard is one with an on-board SCSI adapter, that makes four or five categories now voting No — you would need an unchanged NIC to avoid having to call in for reactivation. If the new motherboard also has inbuilt video (and possibly even a NIC of its own!), you run right out of Yes votes with this one hardware change"

When you run out of yes buy a new copy!

  Totally-braindead 13:35 09 Jul 2007

This is your board click here and from the picture theres a brown AGP slot on it.
In order to upgrade it so you can use your new monitor at the higher resolution all you have to do is get an AGP graphics card that will run at that resolution and plug it in and then install the drivers. The only thing you would have to watch is the power supply. If you look inside your PC you should confirm that is the board you have and that there is indeed a brown AGP slot and check the rating on the power supply. If its too low you will need a new power supply as well. As an example of a cheap AGP card that would do, as long as the power supply could handle it click here its capable of 2048 x 1536 which is above what you ask, also this one click here older but cheaper and capable of the same resolution.
The older 5500 card needs a MINIMUM 250 watt power supply, I couldn't find what the 6200 needs but its safe bet it would be a bit higher, perhaps something like a 350 watt.
Be aware that these being cheap cards are not much use for the latest games etc, but that wasn't what you asked and the rest of your PC may not be able to get any real advantage out of a high end card and the power supply would definatly need replaced for them anyway.
Either card would be a good jump from the onboard graphics you have now. And the reason the onboard graphics can not display the higher resolution and drops back is probably because thats the maximum it can give.
A seperate graphics card would also give your PC a bit of a boost, you may or may not know that onboard graphics uses a chunk of the system memory and when you install a dedicated card that memory is them freed for your PC to use, so depending on how much memory you have, you might well find your PC is a bit faster and more responsive.

  DESNL 14:56 09 Jul 2007

Many thanks to "Totally-braindead". Will go for the separate graphics card, and would appreciate your advice as to which I should purchase.
Thanks DESNL

  Stuartli 15:08 09 Jul 2007

If you right click on your desktop>Properties>Settings tab>Advanced button>Adapter tab>click on List All Modes, you can find out exactly what colour/resolution/refresh rates your graphics already support.

You can highlight any combination and select it (ensure that Windows doesn't require a reboot).

My fairly modest ATi Radeon 9550 will go up to 2048x1536 and 85MHz refresh rate if the demand arose.

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