Motherboard Temperature???

  Meshuga 06:50 28 Apr 2005

While browsing through my system with SiSoft sandra it reported my Main board temperature too high but did not give the actual temp. All fans are running ok and the air being blown from vents at rear of case is not even warm. No problems with operation of pc. Could this be faulty sensors and am I worrying unduly? What action, if any, should I take please.

  Meshuga 09:21 28 Apr 2005


  961 09:37 28 Apr 2005

See if temperature and fan speeds are reported in the BIOS (press del at boot up)

Some versions of windows report temperatures in system information

Alternatively download Everest home edition from click here which will provide temperatures

If your computer is working without difficulty it is unlikely that your temperatures are too high

Temperatures vary, but a typical AMD Athlon xp will usually run around 50-60 deg c but can run up to 75deg. Motherboard temps vary but if the processor is ok the motherboard should not have a problem

  Stuartli 10:18 28 Apr 2005

A guide to Intel CPU maximum temperatures can be found from this link:

click here

It's a link to my own CPU but, of course, other Intel processors can be looked up.

  Stuartli 10:21 28 Apr 2005

click here

  Indigo 1 11:33 28 Apr 2005

I too have found that SiSoft Sandra reports that Motherboard temerature is too high but when I checked using two other monitors which give actual readings there is no problem.

I think it is just a little over cautious for safety.

I use Motherboard Monitor 5 click here

and SpeedFan click here

Both give acceptable readings within 1 or 2 degrees of each other.

  Stuartli 12:05 28 Apr 2005

Another utility to provide both motherboard and CPU temperatures is AIDA32

  Meshuga 12:53 28 Apr 2005

Many thanks to all. Will check out all suggestions. PC working fine. it was only thrugh browsing that I found the message.

  theDarkness 04:12 10 Jun 2005

Im using Everest home, and that reports a motherboard temperature of 47C when the pc is being used for a major task (CPU at the time 51C, hdd 42C).

Is this ok for a motherboard, and if not what can anyone do to cool it down when the pc is being used extensively?

  Stuartli 13:31 10 Jun 2005

The individual specification of a CPU (try the manufacturer's website) will provide details of the maximum temperature which can be safely reached but, to be honest, you should be aiming for a lot lower to ensure long life and reliability.

I have a Socket370 PentiumIII 1GB which runs at around 32-33C (92-94F) and approximately 29C (84F) for the motherboard; the CPU figure is well below the 70C maximum stated by Intel and is, in fact, lower than a previous 550MHz Slot1 Pentium (Katmai).

However, the PentiumIII houses a very large CoolMaster fan and, having fitted a round IDE cable on the hard drive, there is better case cooling.

But, in any case, no two cases or temperature sensors will provide exactly the same figures - they are just a guide.

If you are worried, restrict the maximum temperature the CPU can attain via the Bios to ensure automatic shutoff and prevent potential damage.

  theDarkness 01:38 11 Jun 2005

got my camera...crap quality- but its a budget job- you can find the pics here of my 2 yr old Time pc case..

click here

At the front of the case I have my dvd writer in the top slot, the cd writer below that, and the maxtor drive below that which is inside the hd cooler -with fans that dont work- (fans on the cooler can be seen in the front pics, Ive taken the front panel off which covers the fans so you can see). At the back of the pc I have a graphics card on the top slot, broadband modem below that, and sound card below that, and what looks like an earth in the very bottom slot.

Inside the machine I think the whole reason that the case fan takes air in at the back is so that the processor fan can suck it in, but I dont know how much is being used since the psu prob blows a fair bit out (at the back also.....hmmm.. recommended for a modern pc? no fans at the front as default) So what do you all reckon? new case time to reduce the temp then is it?!

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