motherboard temp

  [email protected] 21:17 22 Apr 2008

hi i gave a self built pc to a relative, it was my first self build and has no internal fans, just case fans and heatpipes. it always ran really cool for me, but my cousin has turned off the side fan to my horror, i told her to download pc wizard and give me the temps, all standard clocks and voltages, the cpu and graphics are average but the £28 mobo idles at 38c and rises to 57c underload, is this ok? it's quite an old winfast mobo made well before the amd 6400x2 and the 2x2gb 6400 ram modules.
when i built it i put extra spacers behind it as i had it overclocked but had a side fan working on it.
the cpu is 45 degrees and the mobo warmer? is this ok?, she has had no problems with it but couldnt reconnect the side fan after taking the case side off.
57c load on a mobo acceptable?
google has proved inconclusive!

  MAT ALAN 21:21 22 Apr 2008

click here

shouldn't be a problem...

  woodchip 21:32 22 Apr 2008

May be OK now, but what about if it gets hotter in the Sumer? if we have one

  MAT ALAN 21:37 22 Apr 2008

There is that to consider, slim chance i know (seeing the sun shine) but would be worth showing your cousin how to reconnect the fan, just in case...

  [email protected] 22:24 22 Apr 2008

cheers guys, it wasnt the cpu temp thats quite cool, it was the motherboard i was concerned about. i will try and do a talk through on the phone (><)
thanks for the repies.

  [email protected] 01:23 23 Apr 2008

i re connected it, pc wizards reads seem to be about 5 degrees over, siw appear to be 10 degrees under? sisandra appear to match bios.
it seems the last bios update disables system shut down to support the latest components toasty temps and a mobo of that price probably hasnt got the best temp monitoring chips!
good night all

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